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  • A Unique Bathroom Xmas Gift Idea

    Looking for a unique Christmas gift?  One to enjoy throughout the year as a reminder that the spirit of Christmas is for daily consumption?  Gift this to your friend or family member and watch them smile more often than not throughout the coming year.

    Begin by purchasing a magazine rack that fits the style of the persons bathroom you are buying for.  Mahogany or cherry wood blends best in traditional bathrooms, while chrome or satin nickel work well with modern bathrooms.

    Now, load it up with desirables and irresistibles!  Include items such as chocolates of varying percentage of cocoa.  Put in some that are bars for direct consumption, as well as, some balls that you’d add to a morning cup of coffee.  Don’t forget Mexican hot chocolate from Mexican chocolate bars.  Keep it authentic by gifting the agitation tool, too!  Continuing along the lines of drinks, be sure to include your loved one’s choice of coffee beans.  A local natural-foods store usually contains the most unique and varied selection.  Now that you’ve addressed his or her palate, let’s zone in on the mind.

    Let the magazine holder serve its intended purpose.  Include a subscription or two to magazines to stimulate your person’s mind while they spend any time in the bathroom.  Pick from hobbies your family member or friend has.  Consider only top-notch publications in areas such as lifestyle, architecture, travel, marketing, golf, healthy cooking, media technology, parenting, etc.

    So, let’s top this off with useful items to further pleasure your giftee through every season…all the way until the next Christmas holiday.  For instance, sprinkle this gift package with packets of scrumptious nuts of all sorts, fresh herbs and their seeds, as well as, seeds for vegetables and fruit plant miniatures, such as broccolini and melon.  Remember to ask him or her, throughout the year, how the garden’s growing!  Gardening, even if light gardening on a city rooftop, promotes great exercise time and reflection, as well.

    Lastly, for the piece d’resistance…

    …definitely put in key items to relax the body, as well as, spa gift certificates that range from a single manicure to a full weekend of pampering!  Think monogrammed towels and silk linen.  Think scented candles, bath oils, loofahs and bottles of bubble bath!  Think scarves…for warmth, for fashion.  And your mark will thank you.  The key is to include items that you know your target will enjoy but wouldn’t take the time to search out simply because she or he remains extremely busy with business and/or doing for others.

    You may not be able to fit all in the rack, but in a decorative box, your giftee will be pleased!

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