Color Series: Adding Coral to Your Bathroom Design

Coral is a surprisingly versatile color, it can be cheery and glamorous. Coral is an unexpected addition that adds interest and charm to your bathroom. Whether you’re thinking of adding a few coral towels or installing a fully tiled coral shower, you can’t go wrong adding this fun hue.

A low-commitment way to add coral is paint, but keep in mind, there are many shades of coral. Some are closer to pink while others resemble orange. The orange-corals pair well with blue because they are complementary colors (they’re on opposite sides of the color wheel). But, darker orange-corals can also pair well with natural wood colors.

Corals with a pink base are fairly neutral. They can be used with almost any color. Two of my favorites are mint green and purple.

Consider using coral wallpaper or tile to brighten up your bathroom.

Coral accessories will quickly inject your bathroom with happiness. Some go-to items are vases, linens and painted mirror frames.

Remember these ways to incorporate coral into any bathroom while remodeling or refreshing your own. Whatever level of commitment you go for, I hope you love your newly coral bathroom.

Content provided by: Julia Ritzenthaler

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