Lexora Home Vanities Bathroom Vanity Dealer

Lexora Home is a leader in home design products, offering stylish trends for bathrooms that are changing the way people envision their space. The brand manufactures luxury bathroom products that are designed to fit modern bathroom designs and provide a high-end finish without breaking the budget. The brand is committed to providing the best in quality and service, offering an impressive selection of products to fit all kinds of designs and needs. Read More

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Lexora Home Bathroom Vanities Dealer

Timeless Quality for Discerning Customers

Who is Lexora Home?

Lexora has a commitment to its customers, taking pride in delivering a bespoke collection of bathroom vanities and fixtures, as well as other furnishings, in styles that are modern and offer a more individual look. Forget mass-produced hardware and dime-a-dozen products, because everything from this brand has its own unique touch that adds that extra sense of luxury.

The products available from Lexora all feature stunning finishes, clean lines, and subtle details that turn even the most basic functional pieces into veritable works of art in any room of the home. The bathroom vanities and faucets, of course, are among their biggest sellers. The brand designs products around current trends, keeping up with design changes and new ideas that are taking bathrooms to the next level.

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Luxury for Less

The products from Lexora are designed specifically for those who want to create a custom bathroom space on a more cookie-cutter budget. If you’re tired of the same old collections and mass-produced products that you find at home improvement and big-box stores today, this brand can give you an alternative without making you reconsider your whole budget.

Lexora products are all manufactured under strict quality control regulations, with most products manufactured in China and subject to rigorous inspections before and after shipping to the U.S. for distribution. Plus, bathroom faucets come with a lifetime warranty, and everything else comes with a one-year limited warranty, no matter where the brand is sold. You can find more details from the brand directly on their Terms of Sale page.

If those little details don’t scream luxury, perhaps the dozens of stylish vanities and sinks available from the brand will do it for you. With a focus on modern style, reliability and functionality, and pricing that everyone can afford, Lexora has been providing quality for years without compromise and will continue to do so as they expand into new markets and audiences.

Whether you’re looking for a single piece or an entirely new bathroom upgrade, UniqueVanities.com works hard to deliver the best selection available, including high-end products like those from Lexora, at prices that everyone can afford. We are committed to providing a seamless experience for customers and delivering a higher level of service, which is why we prefer to work with brands like Lexora, who are focused on quality and customer satisfaction in everything that they do.

If you want modern luxury on a minimal budget, you want the selection of bathroom vanities and components available from Lexora that are sold here at UniqueVanities.com. Check them out for yourself and find the pieces that you love.