Wall Tile

Uses for Wall Tile?

People have known for centuries that tile is a great building material. It is made of durable material and is wonderful for protecting areas, especially in the wet environments of a bathroom or kitchen. The back splash area behind the bathroom vanity, kitchen sink and stove area can be a very messy place. A tile wall will make this area much easier to clean. The tile will also protect the walls. There is a big difference between having a plain, painted wall in these spaces and having one that is protected with tile.

Aside from the practical uses in tile as a building material, there is also something very strikingly beautiful about a tile wall. The natural pattern that is created when a tile wall is installed is a great visual addition to the space. A large area covered with bathroom tile, such as a shower wall, can also be the perfect spot to place accent tiles. In an area this large, sometimes a designer will include just one row of tiles in a contrasting color to create an amazing visual effect. It can turn a mundane wall into a work of art with carefully placed accent tiles.

In a kitchen sink area, a tiled wall will last for a long time, so it is important to have just the right tile textures and colors to start with. There are many decorative tiles that are created that are so lovely that placing just one within the tile pattern will make a dramatic impact on the whole space. These tiles can be painted with a design or picture that matches the décor of the room. They can also be a tile that has a texture that contrasts with the rest of the tiles on the wall. Some tiles have been carefully crafted with a design or pattern that stands out in 3D.

When planning on using tiles for a room, it is important to understand the difference between bathroom wall tile and floor tile. Most sites and home improvement stores will make this distinction clear so there is no mistake in getting the wrong tiles for the job.

An interesting technique to use in a bathroom is to have some of the same tiles that accent the shower walls continue into the room for a matching accent. This is a good way to have the design flow throughout the entire space.

Tiles can be made of many different materials. The most common are ceramic and glass. These tiles are available in a wide assortment of colors, sizes and shapes. When designing the tile wall, it is important to take very good measurements to be sure that there will be the correct amount of accent pieces to do the job and to be in correct ratio as accent pieces compared to the rest of the wall.

Creating a tile wall with accent tiles can be a very fun project. When it is completed, looking at the finished job will bring satisfaction in knowing that the tile job is performing a great function as well as bringing a unique aesthetic quality to the home.