41 to 48 Inch Wide Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

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How do you know how to choose the right bathroom vanity?

As is the case with a lot of other home design and decoration issues, you have to take into consideration many factors. When it is a bathroom vanity, it has to include:

1. Available Space

2. Number of Sinks

3. Style

4. Materials

5. Your Budget

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Available Space

While a lot of homeowners will leap to the second factor – the number of sinks – this is not a good idea if the space available makes that impossible. After all, it is not just about squeezing a double vanity into the available space; there is also the issue of clearance, which is the amount of space in front of that vanity.

For example, experts recommend that there is 36 inches from the centerline to the wall and a total of at least 76 inches width for a double vanity. They also want to see 30 inches of clearance in front of them.

Taking the time to measure out the available space ensures you make the right choice. Then you can choose the ideal vanity based on the height, width and depth that will work in the room.

Single vanities are the most common and vary from 18 inches to 42 inches wide, and small double vanities are at least 48 inches wide, though they can be as wide as 108 inches or more.

And keep in mind that you can opt for vanities to be freestanding, floating, and even corner mounted. The corner options can accommodate only a single sink but can save a tremendous amount of room.

Number of Sinks

Obviously, most of us would love two sinks, but that is not always an option. A vanity that is 60 inches in width or less is typically a single sink vanity. However, you can consider an offset sink bathroom vanity that provides more useable countertop space; you should also consider a modular unit in which you can put vanity pieces together to maximize your available space.

If the vanity is also a storage space, the double sink option can boost the amount of storage available. After all, many vanities for double sinks have multiple drawers and cabinets to allow two people adequate storage for their health and beauty supplies. Yet, large single sink vanities can also offer a surprising amount of storage.


This may be the first thing that comes to mind, but it has to be set aside until you are sure just what you require in terms of sizing and the number of sinks. Then, you can determine if you want a standard vanity with a traditional look or you want a designer piece. After all, you can find everything from super-modern wall-mounted options to farmhouse styled pieces that have the look of an antique. Also, think about the doors and drawers. Will they work with your space? Will the style you choose fit in with the existing or intended design?

Material & Budget

A major consideration, though, is the materials. For example, a bath vanity will need to be made of materials that can withstand the years of moisture and heat.

One expert says that waterproofing capabilities, strength and durability, and good performers like MDF, solid wood, and even some plywood cabinets are the best. You must also consider how well the materials will work with the countertop you choose, and another expert suggests that, although the surface depends largely on your budget and taste, the best are granite, marble, and solid surface, with laminate, tile and wood coming in after that.


How you choose your bathroom vanity has to begin with the tips above. When looking in the 41 to 48 inch wide sizes, you will find a large selection of the common size 48 inch bathroom vanities, mostly single sinks.