Bathroom Vanities with Offset Sink on Left or Ride Side

Though not offered in many retailers, offset bathroom vanities are actually gaining in popularity due to unique plumbing needs and individual design preferences. An offset bathroom vanity does not mean that the vanity itself is offset, rather that the sink installed in the countertop is either on the left or right side, rather than in the middle where most commonly are. There are a number of reasons that a homeowner may opt for a bathroom vanity with an offset sink, but as mentioned, they all stem from one of two places: plumbing or design. Read More

When Do You Need a Vanity With an Offset Sink?

Plumbing is a major concern in every bathroom remodel. Many homeowners that choose to remodel a bathroom decide to keep the location of the current plumbing since moving plumbing can be both costly and time consuming. If they have decided to add other fixtures or accessories around where the former vanity cabinet space had been, then an offset sink vanity can be just the solution. If this is the reason for your purchase, then it’s always a good idea to request a spec sheet before ordering to make certain that it will fit your plumbing requirements.

The other reason that an offset style is chosen is simply for its aesthetic value. This type of vanity is available in both modern and traditional styles with undermount or even vessel sink options. An offset sink with a coordinating vanity mirror above it, makes for a great statement piece when one walks into a bathroom. After all, the vanity is the central focal point of any bathroom remodel and an offset sink offers a unique twist on the original. In addition, the offset sink allows for a bit more workable space on a smaller bathroom vanity. Because the sink is set to either the right or left side, you then have the other side of the countertop as free, workable space.

If you have unique plumbing concerns or are considering a bathroom with a unique design, then an offset sink could certainly be an option for you. Call our knowledgeable sales staff at 866-526-1843 with your questions or concerns before you place your order! We’ve got a Contractor and a Designer on staff that can answer any technical questions you might have as well!