49 to 60 Inch Wide Bathroom Vanities with Single & Double Sinks

When setting out to replace a bathroom vanity, or when in the middle of an entire remodel or new build, having a large selection of options makes it easy to find the perfect centerpiece that completes the room. Here you can shop for a variety of vanities, from simple and sleek for a contemporary look to those with ornate details for an antique, rustic or traditional feel. The size range of the collection below includes base cabinets that start at 49 inches and go on up to five feet in width. These vanities offer very generous counter top space and the bases are designed to provide ample storage and organization. Read More

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How to Buy Bathroom Vanities?

Here, the buyers at Unique Vanities have done much of the work, seeking out the best in bathroom furniture manufacturers. Narrowing down the selections can be done by first determining the size needed and if a double or single sink set up is going to be used. Picking out any available options is easy at this site with the drop down menu buttons. Ordering is easy and enjoyable with the way the site is set up. The process can be done entirely online. If there are any questions or concerns about an item, it is simple to just send a message to a customer service representative who will be able to assist. Browse the website with an open imagination and the vision for what the room should become and it will all simply and perfectly come together.

How to Measure Bathroom Vanities?

The best step to take for a replacement vanity is to measure the current base that is already in place. Using a tape measure, find the length, width and depth of the existing vanity or the floor and wall area where the new one is to be placed. Each of the items at this site includes in the description detailed measurements so it is easy to see if the measurements match the space. If there is room for a larger vanity, be sure the new one will not block anything such as electrical outlets or vents and that when the doors or drawers are opened they have plenty of clearance into the room. Taking accurate measurements is vital because when the new piece arrives it would set the whole remodeling process back if it is the wrong size. It is a good idea to find one that is proportional to the rest of the room.


Setting up the new vanity can be done by the home owner, a handyperson or a professional plumber. Each vanity base has a precut opening in the back to allow for the water lines and drain pipe to be attached. The counter tops have been pre-drilled to make an opening for the faucet connection. With the proper tools, once the item has been delivered it will seem like the new vanity will be in use in no time. If a mirror or mirrors come with the chosen vanity, the hanging brackets are included. It is always recommended to hang them from a wall stud for security. If there is any lack of confidence in installation or there is a lack of tools, it is always a good option to consult a professional.

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Design Ideas

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the vanity would be considered to be the heart of the bathroom. Updating the bathroom vanity will have a pleasing effect upon the room and it is also a great way to add hidden storage which keeps personal items handy but out of sight. There are so many styles of vanities to choose from at Unique Vanities. Looking at all the different types is half the fun and it is not hard at all to become inspired by all of the choices. Just the right one is going to stand out at once! The piece should fit in with the rest of the pieces in the bathroom, as well as the existing décor and the style of the rest of the home.

The many design types that are included here range from sleek modern styling, including those that are wall mounted to give the floor area an open feel, to those with ornate details for an antique feel, and all the way to the fresh clean lines of a country look. Some styles have multi-leveled counter tops which make a stunning outline upon the wall and allows for many uses along the top surface.

Many of the offerings on this page come with a matching mirror. No vanity is really complete without a mirror, and having one that is a complementary style really does a lot for the space. There are also several linen closets that are made to match the vanity and will provide a lot of welcome storage space for items such as towels and sheets. There are also designs within this collection that have open shelving, usually along the bottom that makes a nice place for decorative items as well as regular bathroom supplies.

Along with the many design types to choose from, there is also a spectrum of finish choices, ranging from rich browns to shades of white. The hardware pulls are always another wonderful touch to the piece, adding just the right decorative touch. The finishes of these handles and knobs include antique brass tones to the very popular and always fitting brushed nickel.

Materials and Maintenance

The manufacturers of all of the pieces within the Unique Vanities collection use high quality materials and expert craftsmanship. This ensures well made furniture that will hold up well for a long life of heavy use. To protect the investment, care should be taken to ensure the piece always looks its best. Furniture polish or lemon oil is a great way to protect the wood in the damp environment of a bathroom. Common household cleaners work well on the veneers on the MDF constructed ones. Counter tops made of marble are protected from the products used often in bathrooms by sealing them twice a year.