Modern Kitchen Sink Faucets with Finish Choice

Buying A Kitchen Faucet

Now that you have picked out the right sink or if you are looking for a replacement for an older one, choosing just the right faucet is the next step.

How to Choose the Right Size Kitchen Faucet?

When replacing the kitchen faucet, it is important to get a new one with the same hole alignment as the sink requires. Just as with traditional bathroom faucets, a traditional kitchen set up has three holes, two for the water, both hot and cold, and one for the spout itself. Many faucet sets include a sprayer attachment, so there needs to be a hole for this as well. Be sure that the configuration on the sink suits the one the faucet you are choosing before deciding on which one you want. It would be very disappointing to find just the right faucet and then find out the sink will not accommodate it.

Deciding on the Handles

For a kitchen faucet, a single lever that controls the temperature and the water flow is common. This type makes it easy to get just the right temperature by rotating the handle to one side or the other or right in the middle. There are styles that have the lever directly behind the spout, or the type where is next to the spout. Models with two handles, one for the hot and one for the cold are still available.

To Spray or Not to Spray?

Many kitchen faucet sets come with a spray attachment. These can be very handy to have in the kitchen, especially when cleaning out your kitchen, bar, or prep sink. The spray attachment is hooked up to the water supply like the faucet controls. If choosing this option, be sure the sink holes have the correct configuration.

Spout Size

Kitchen faucets are available with a variety of spout sizes. Modern styles have a high arch faucet design. These make it easy to fill large pots or buckets. They allow for more room to access the sink. The curve of these spouts add an elegant look to the kitchen sink as well as making them more functional.

What are the Finish Choices for a Kitchen Faucet?

There are very many finish choices available in kitchen faucets these days. From the modern chrome to brushed nickel that comes in a variety of hues from silver to bronze or a finish with an antique brass or bronze color. The chrome finish is bright and shiny and easy to keep clean. A bronze finish could be just the perfect touch to go with a more traditional sink or counter top color. Additionally, you might want to consider the color of your kitchen sink strainer so you can correspond the two.

The faucet is like the finishing touch for the kitchen and will get a lot of use. For the best choices check out the selections at Unique Vanities. From the modern, to the unique to the traditional, the faucet that will complete the kitchen is sure to be found here.