Black Bathroom Vanities on Sale

Our line of black bathroom vanities and cabinets offers you a variety of traditional, modern and unique style options for your bathroom. Our cabinets are created from high-quality materials made to last for many years. In order to ensure you get the most out of your vanity purchase, we have provided the buying guide below to assist with your selection. When searching for the perfect vanity, you need to consider a range of elements, such as size, plumbing, storage, color and style.
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Some people think the biggest possible vanity is the best choice. Obviously, you want to get the biggest vanity that fits in your space and will not interfere with your ability to move about and make use of other elements in your bathroom. This means that you may not go with the biggest possible vanity. Sometimes, a more compact vanity provides for all your needs. When sizing your vanity, you should consider how much space is available on your wall. This will help you figure out how wide your vanity should be. Then, you should calculate how far out from the wall you want the vanity to stick. This allows you to get an idea about how deep your vanity can be. Finally, you will want to choose a vanity that offers a height that will fit your space and be comfortable for everyone in the home to use.  Floating vanities can be adjusted for height.

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How to Choose Your Bathroom Vanity Style and Finish?

Style is important with any piece of furniture and a vanity is no exception. You need to choose a vanity that fits your personal style and the existing decor within your room. You should not lock yourself to a vanity that only goes with one design, however, because you may want to change your decor later. Our black vanities come in sleek, glossy finishes or more traditional finishes that feature elements of antiquing. You can also choose from a variety of hardware and fixtures, including chrome, nickel, antique brass and bronze.

Shop by Finish: White Bathroom Vanities
Installing a sink vanity with a white finish can add a bright, clean touch to the decor of the bathroom. There are many different styles available, from modern to traditional. One with a sleek design could be just the piece for the space. Or maybe one that is more traditional with decorative touches. No matter the choice, all of the pieces available are made of high quality materials and are offered with no shipping charges.

Shop by Finish: Espresso Bathroom Vanities
Selecting a bathroom sink vanity with a dark finish is a favorite choice for many. The color can really make the piece stand out within the space. The espresso shade that is a popular finish choice has a rich tone that will add warmth to the room. It is also a good contrast for the many different colors of counter top and sink bowl material. The high quality pieces available through Unique Vanities are shipped free of charge.

Shop by Finish: Cherry Bathroom Vanities
The reddish brown tone of a cherry finish makes it a wonderful choice for the bathroom vanity. There are different shades in this hue, some are darker than others. Each one will add warmth to the space. The color is also a great way to enhance the styling of the piece, whether it is a modern design or a more traditional design. Each of the high quality items are offered with free shipping.

Storage Options

Storage is important for a vanity. You want to choose a vanity that offers enough storage for your needs but also has storage elements that conform to what you want to put away. For example, small drawers are not the best place to store towels. At the same time, open cabinets may not be the place you want to store your personal cosmetics. The number of shelves, cabinets or drawers you need will be determined on the type of black vanity you select, how many people will use the bathroom space and what they will use the space for. You may also want to consider whether children will be using the space, as you want to be safe when storing certain things at reachable levels.


Plumbing is a huge concern for any bathroom furnishing. Your vanity selection needs to match the configuration for plumbing in the room. For example, do not choose a single sink vanity when you have a double sink set up, unless you are going to be filling the space with two small vanities.

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