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Copper Sink Buying Guide
When decorating or remodeling a bathroom, many people give a lot of choice to things like vanities, fixtures and accent pieces. Sometimes people forget how big a difference a sink can make in the decor of a bathroom and many people do not realize how many options there are when it comes to purchasing a sink. At UniqueVanities, we offer dozens of sink style and choices, making it easy for you to find a great style for your room. One of our lines is copper sinks. When properly purchased, a copper sink can provide a luxurious addition to your vanity area.

Houzz Offers Designer Tips on Incorporating Copper Sinks Into Your Home Design

What Type of Mount Do Copper Sinks Come In?
Before you start looking to purchase a copper sink, you need to know what type of mount you will be using. Mount choices usually include top mount, under counter mount and partially recessed. Top mount vessel sinks are available in copper and we offer a variety of traditional under mount sinks in copper as well. When perusing our catalogue, make sure you check out mounting options in the detailed listing in order to determine if the sink will work with your vanity.

How to Choose the Right Size and Height of a Copper Sink?
In addition to proper mounting, you also want to ensure the sink you choose will fit your vanity specifications. First, you should consider the width or diameter of the sink. Does it fit cutouts in the vanity surface or will it integrate well with the size of the vanity? You should also ensure the sink depth will fit with any existing cabinets, drawers or pipe.

How to Choose a Faucet and Drain for a Copper Sink?
If you have preexisting fixtures, you will want to ensure they properly complement your sink choice. Otherwise, you may need to purchase new fixtures. When attempting to match a copper sink, oil rubbed bronze or antique brass fixtures often make a lovely choice. You can also contrast the sink with brushed nickel or chrome, especially if metal hues are mixed in other ways within your bathroom or accent pieces.

Copper is an excellent choice for your sink because the metal is durable and long lasting. Our copper sinks also offer a variety of gorgeous metalwork and motifs to add additional luxury to the vanity.

Shape and Color
Our copper sinks come in a variety of shapes. You can purchase round or oval sinks with multiple depths in order to fit your space and needs. Ensure that your faucets match the needs of your sink shape. For example, a vessel sink will require completely different fixtures than a short, shallow oval basin.

Plumbing Concerns
Anytime you purchase a sink, you should be aware of plumbing issues. The majority of sinks you will see conform to basic or standard plumbing elements. However, we may provide some items that are unique or crafted for specific situations. If you have a non-standard plumbing or bathroom vanity setup, you should also be aware of any specialized requirements your bathroom has. When in doubt, it is always best to consult someone who has experience with plumbing and sink installation.

Add originality and an artful touch to your space with a copper sinks. We are proud to feature copper vessel sinks, copper basins, and bar sinks in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and finishes. Copper is a common metallic element that is easily formed and is malleable. This means that copper sinks often feature beautiful hammered surfaces or even have unique relief scenes pressed into them.

Create a sophisticated contemporary feel with your bathroom sink by adding sparkle and shine with copper vessel sinks. If your look is more traditional, consider a drop-in copper basin. And if you are looking to add style and flair for your in-home bar, you will find a combination of form and function with a fabulous copper bar sink 

Be aware that copper sinks may gradually develop a patina over time. A patina is a film, usually green in color, which forms naturally on the surface of copper after long exposure to the elements, in this case the water and air. This can be avoided simply by using a copper wax every few months to seal the sink's finish. As hand crafted works of art created from natural copper, each sink will have its own unique finish and may not be exactly as shown in the photo(s).