Tips for Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling your bathroom can be an expensive proposition. People spend several thousands of dollars on average to create the perfect space. However, attempting to do the remodel on your own can increase those costs even further. Mistakes can happen that lead to the need for help. You may spend extra time and money on the process.

That’s why we recommend having a professional bathroom remodeling contractor handle the job. However, that doesn’t mean you should choose just anyone. Instead, use the tips below to find the contractor that works best for your needs.

Make Sure You Have a Clear Plan

Before you even start searching for the right contractor, you need a plan first. Bathroom remodels can range in size and level of difficulty. Therefore, the only way to find the best contractor is to know what you want from them.

Sit down and consider what changes you want to make. Then, put them down on paper so you can refer to the information while browsing potential contractors. It will make things streamlined and ensure you get the results that you want.

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Find Professionals Who Specialize in Bathroom Remodels

While any general contractor can do work around the home, choosing the first one you see isn’t the best idea. What you want is someone who specializes in bathroom remodels. This professional should have extensive experience doing the jobs you need to be done.

There are many ways to find contractors. Ask your friends and family members. Browse the Internet for options in your area. Reach out to businesses under the National Association of Remodeling Industry or the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

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Interview Multiple Contractors and Go with Your Gut

Rather than going off of the information you hear from a friend or read from a website, you should interview several contractors. This gives you the chance to ask questions and get a feel for your assorted options. It also gives you choices if the contractor you want turns out to be less than ideal for your situation.

While speaking with contractors, let them know about your project and ask questions about their business. Then, take down some notes so you can read back over them later to make a final decision. But, in the end, go with your gut and who feels right when you speak with them.

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Check the Credentials of the Professionals 

A bathroom contractor should be licensed and registered. This is important because becoming licensed or registered requires the contractor to meet several requirements. For instance, they may be obligated to bonding, testing, criminal record checks, continued education, and more.

Asking whether the professional has these credentials is essential, but you can go further. Ask for proof. Any legitimate bathroom remodeling professional will be happy to show you documents that prove their expertise, education, and experience. If the expert doesn’t want to provide this information, move on to another contractor.

Be Sure Insurance is Provided

While you’re getting information about the contractor’s license, this is an excellent time to ask about their insurance. Make sure you have the chance to view their insurance certificate. You should also ask if the contractor will be doing the work independently or bringing in a subcontractor.

Make sure what both the license and insurance are up to date and valid. You can do this by speaking with their insurance provider and the state licensing board. Insurance is essential. If the contractor doesn’t have it, it leaves you open to liability.

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Ask About References from Past Customers

Once you’ve sure that the remodeling professional has the proper credentials and insurance, the next step is to reach out to references. Ask the contractor about past customers they have worked with. However, bear in mind that these are likely going to be the contractor’s best clients.

Because of that, you can expect to hear glowing reviews. Make sure to ask the right questions, such as when the project was done and how satisfied the reference is with the results. Ask if the project ran to budget and whether the person would hire the expert again. You should also ask if the worker was courteous and professional.

Take a Look at the BBB

You can also research the Better Business Bureau to see reviews of the contractor. Look at both the good and the bad comments to get an educated view of the expert. In addition to the BBB, you can also frequent other business review sites to see what people are saying.

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Get All Estimates in Writing

The contractors that you may use should be happy to provide you with a written quote. When these are provided to you, make sure you read over them thoroughly. You should see detailed information about what you can expect during the remodeling process.

For instance, your quote should include things like the total project price, site plan, payment schedule, scope of work, and change order clause. Remember that price isn’t the only thing to think about. Your contractor should also be extremely good at what they do.

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Check on Schedules and Timelines

You should be close to choosing the right remodeling contractor at this point. However, there is one more thing to consider. What kind of schedule does the professional have available for your project? Make sure the answer to that question matches when you want the work to be done.

In addition, find out how long the bathroom remodels will take. Some contractors may take longer than others. But that doesn’t always indicate a problem. For example, more intricate work may take longer. Just make sure there’s a reason it takes longer if that is the case.

Work With Top Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Using the tips above will ensure you get the bathroom remodel of your dreams. First, it’s crucial to choose a remodeling contractor that you can trust and rely on. Be sure they have experience, are licensed, and understand your vision. Next, talk to references and consider reviews before you make a choice. You’re sure to be happy with the results.

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