Shipping to Canada

            Shipping to Canada 

Yes, we ship to Canada. Here’s how it works:

Shipping: We pay for the shipping cost to the US-Canada border and you are responsible for the remainder of the shipping cost from the border plus all customs fees. Example: if our average shipping cost within the Unites States is $200, and the quote to ship it to Canada is $350, you are responsible for the extra $150. This does not include customs fees.

Customs Fees: Your shipment will include a commercial invoice which is required for customs. Customs fees are based on the value of the shipment. You can check out the link below as a reference tool. We recommend contacting A & A Customs Brokerage 1-800-663-4270; they can assist you with the additional fees.

Click Here to Calculate Estimated Custom Fees (Reference Only)


We have many clients who have used these alternatives.

If you live close to the border, consider having your order shipped to a UPS store (or something similar) in the United States. You can arrange to have it delivered there and meet the delivery driver. Because we require that the items are thoroughly inspected at time of delivery though, once it leaves the states, we can not be responsible for any damage. This will save on the additional shipping costs, but you will still be responsible for any customs fees.

We offer one brand that ships from Canada. By purchasing this product line, you would save on any additional shipping costs and custom fees. You can see their product line here: Art Bathe

If you would like an estimate on additional shipping costs, or would like to place an order that needs to ship to Canada, give us a call at 1-866-526-1843, and our Sales Specialist will assist you with the ordering process.