Bathroom Accessories and Sets

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To perfectly finish the bathroom, it is important to consider many factors. How much space and how many people use the bathroom are the factors that are mostly unchangeable and need to be kept in mind when making selections. The right set of accessories can really add some interesting design elements that can change the whole look of the space. The choices are wide and varied, and it is a good idea to take some time to have a look at many options to get a good idea of what would be the best choice for your remodel.

What Will I Need?

The bathroom is a place where people spend time getting ready to go out into the world, and therefore it should be a place of convenience and comfort. Having things near at hand, like a place to keep the soap and a hook to hang a dressing robe, can make things much easier. A hanging caddy in the shower will keep items together neatly and organized. This makes taking a shower easier and will be nice when cleaning, as well. Having towel racks placed in the shower area will keep wet towels off the floor. A towel rack next to the sink for holding hand towels is essential for hand washing. A soap dish or dispenser is nice, especially for guests and children so they will know just where the soap is for hand washing. The right accessories will not only make the room nice to use, they will also add a lot to the decorative effect of the overall design.


While remodeling the bathroom and planning on what accessories to purchase, where these items will be used is an important factor to keep in mind. Measurements are crucial at this stage, especially in a room where space is at a premium. Before ordering that towel rack that goes so well with the rest of the decor, be sure that it will fit in the area where it is going to be installed. Make sure there is enough room between the bottom of the mirror and the top of the bathroom vanity you have chosen to include a toothbrush holder and soap dish. Hanging these types of accessories on a wall stud will make them more secure for use.


Selecting bathroom accessories outside of the vanity mirror for the finishing touch can be a fun project for the homeowner. Keeping the items within the same type of style that is in the rest of the bathroom is important for the overall finished look of the space. Many manufacturers will produce an entire line of items that match or complement each other. These can be purchased separately or as a set, with each one matching the others, even when they have different uses, like towel racks or cup holders. There are many styles available, ranging from modern to traditional. Some pieces are very classic looking and will work well with many decor types.

What Finish of Bathroom Accessories Will Compliment My Bathroom?

The materials used in making bathroom accessories are widely varied. Wood and metal can be covered with many different kinds of finishes. A bathroom that has warm brown bathroom cabinets would be the perfect place for gold or brass colored finishes. Silver or brushed nickel accessories work well when there is grey or black colors predominating in the room. A modern bathroom will look sleek with finishes that have a high shine, such as with chrome, on the finish. The color of finishes can also brighten up the space if it is a little dreary. Many finishes have an antique look that work well with traditional or rustic decor styles.

Decorating and completing a bathroom remodel is a process that takes time and consideration. Making the selections and imagining how they will look in the space can be a fun project for a homeowner once the vision has been decided. The team at Unique Vanities is dedicated to helping clients define that vision and sort through the options that could work for their remodel. With trained product specialists, Contractors, and Designers on staff, can help take you from the planning stages to the finished product all within the time frame you have allotted. Be sure to call 866-526-1843 with any questions!