84 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

Are 84 Inch Vanities Right For You?

For maximum space and to make a definite statement, 84 inch bathroom vanities are a perfect choice. They are available in several colors and styles to fit any space and can even be customized with unique hardware and countertop selections to create a one-of-a-kind design that speaks to your tastes. What’s more is that they also offer single sink and double sink options, and come in modern, traditional, contemporary, and even rustic styles.

Our selection of 84 inch bathroom vanities will deliver the perfect fit for your space, no matter what kind of upgrade you have in mind. Check out our selection of single and double sink vanities, along with unique wall-mount floating vanities and plenty of standard cabinet style models.

Vanity Sizing - Space Considerations and More

A lot of people ask how big a bathroom vanity "should" be or what size bathroom they need to install a double vanity. The short answer is that there is no "should" here. 84 inch bathroom vanities can be chosen for just about any bathroom space, and they offer premium counter room along with plenty of space for two sinks.


If you’re looking for more personal space in your bathroom or the convenience of being able to get ready at the same time, the 84 inch vanity offers plenty of space and the option for two sinks. Of course, that second sink will cost you valuable counter space, so consider that as well.


This is probably the biggest factor involved in choosing a vanity. Just because there’s room for an 84 inch model doesn’t mean that it’s the right choice. Will it make things too tight or is it going to tower over the rest of the space? Make sure that your vanity allows you to move around the bathroom with ease, no matter what size you choose.


Most vanities stand 32-34 inches in height, while there are models as short as 30 inches and as high as 36 inches. The choice will be a matter of comfort for you. If you are going with double sinks, you will need to consider the location of the plumbing (or have it moved) to accommodate the vanity that you choose. In 84 inch models, you can choose from single or double sinks.

Whether you’re looking for more usable space or a way to increase your home’s value, upgrading your bathroom vanity to a stylish 84 inch model will be sure to make an impressive statement.

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