Bathroom Medicine Cabinets Recessed & Surface Mount

The humble medicine cabinet has been an integral part of home decor for a long time for a number of very good reasons. They make an excellent solution to organize your bathroom items and medicines, but they can also add beauty and style to the bathroom, particularly when you choose from our broad range of high quality medicine cabinets. Shop for the perfect medicine cabinet: from small to large sizes, framed or frameless styles, a choice of recessed or surface mount installation, and several options to customize the frame to match your overall style. Read More

What Are Modern Medicine Cabinets Like?

Once upon a time, medicine cabinets were utilitarian solutions for organization – they hailed from a day and age before bathroom vanities were commonplace. Today, the vanity holds most of what was once organized in the medicine cabinet, but that doesn’t mean it does a good job of it. Frequent bending to open cabinet doors just to access daily items is a real pain. Thankfully, our high quality modern medicine cabinets are available. They’re both a throwback to yesteryear and a modern solution for convenience at the same time. From medicine to shaving tools to face creams and more, you can easily store it all here.

What Types of Medicine Cabinets Are Available Today?

If you thing you’re limited to the old-style single door medicine cabinets of yesteryear, take heart. You have many different stylish options available, and you’re not limited to just a single door, either. We offer your choice of 50 different frames to ensure you get a custom framing job for your cabinet. We also offer frameless cabinets for a sleek, modern look. Our corner medicine cabinets give you the means to make use of all the space in your bathroom, and integrated lighting solutions ensure you can always see what you’re after. We also offer medicine cabinets up to 60 inches wide, so you’ll find the ideal capacity for your needs.

Materials Available

Once upon a time, medicine cabinets were made of glass and steel. That’s no longer the case. We’re proud to offer you access to everything from glass to wood and metal. That ensures you get the right aesthetics for your bathroom design, coupled with outstanding longevity.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before buying any medicine cabinet, you need to know a few things. One of the first is the number of doors you need on your cabinet, which will determine the size you have to order. We offer up to four doors, ensuring that everything can be stored and easily accessed. You also need to determine whether you’ll need a surface mount medicine cabinet, or if you prefer to look into recessed medicine cabinets that mount inside the wall. Framed or frameless is another consideration, as is the choice of integrated lighting. Finally, you should determine whether you want a beveled mirror edge or prefer no bevel.

Styles of Medicine Cabinets

You’ll discover far more styles of medicine cabinets than you might have thought possible. We offer modern, sleek designs, as well as traditional designs. You’ll even find Venetian medicine cabinets for a European look. Whether you’re going for basic, modern, rustic or old-world, you’ll find the perfect medicine cabinet here.