Hickory, Maple & Oak Brown Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Buying a bathroom vanity is not as easy as pulling an item down from the store shelf and checking the material. There are a variety of spacial, plumbing and style concerns that come along with a bathroom vanity purchase. Our line of wood tone vanities covers a range of prices, styles, sizes, storage options and finishes. In order to help you get the most out of your vanity purchase, we have provided the buying guide below to offer tips for selecting the right vanity for your space. Read More

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How to Consider Bathroom Vanity Sizing?

Size is a huge consideration when you are shopping for a vanity. After all, no matter how much you like that eight-foot model with all the storage options, if you have a four by four foot bathroom, it is not going to happen. Likewise, you cannot purchase a double vanity for a space where plumbing only exists for a single sink. When looking at vanity size, you should consider how wide the vanity is, how deep it is and how high it is. Width is determined by your wall space. Depth is determined by how much room you have for moving about in your bathroom and height is determined by your personal preference coupled with any plumbing concerns.

How to Choose Bathroom Vanity Style and Finish?

It is important that you choose a vanity with style that matches your personal preferences. You want the piece to match your room, but also be versatile enough that it will fit into design changes in the future. Our vanities come in oak, traditional mahogany, light chestnut, hickory, walnut, maple and many other hues. You will also want to consider hardware and fixture choices. Fixtures for your vanity should match or complement elements that already exist in your bathroom. Some of our options include stainless steel, chrome, nickel, bronze and brass.

Storage Options

One thing you definitely want to consider is the storage options in the vanities you are looking at. Our vanities typically include things like drawers, cabinets with doors, in-cabinet shelving and open shelving. Your storage needs will be determined by who will use the vanity and what they will need to store. For example, a family bathroom where people need to store individual health and beauty products may call for multiple small drawers. You might also want a large open cabinet for stashing towels or cleaning products. We also offer secondary storage options to go with many of our vanity selections. Items include side cabinets, hanging shelves and medicine cabinets with mirrors on the front.


Anytime you put anything in your bathroom, you have to understand how it will interact with your plumbing. Since a vanity typically includes one or more sinks, you need to ensure that the cabinet, sink and fixtures all match your plumbing specifications. You need to worry about home elements other than plumbing, too. The vanity should not block electrical outlets, power switches or lighting. It should also be positives an appropriate distance from heating elements in order to avoid fire or injury.