Vanity Benches

Vanity Stools and Benches

Many people spend a lot of time in the bathroom, relaxing from the day or getting ready for the day ahead. Setting up the bathroom to be as comfortable and convenient as possible is the goal of many a home owner. Selecting the right bathroom vanity and cabinet piece is important because it is the focal point for many bathrooms. Making the vanity even more useful with the addition of a stool or bench is the next logical step.

There are many different styles of vanity stools and benches available to choose from. Selecting just the right one to go with the style of the vanity and the rest of the room can be an enjoyable undertaking. Many of the styles are designed with both form and function in mind. The legs that make up the base can be made with many different configurations. A simple design with four legs made with wood or metal can work well for many people. Other people like to choose from a selection that is made with a more decorative base.

Creating a base with metal pieces that are formed into elegant and elaborate designs is something that many manufacturers know will appeal to many people. Sitting on a seat that has an elegant design can give a person a nice feeling as they set their hair and apply their make up, getting ready to face the world for the day.

The cushion on the stool or bench is added for comfort, but it, too can add to the decorative effect of the piece. Knowing that they are a highly functional piece in the room, the people who make these seats use material that is easy to care for and that will hold up well to daily use. The fabric is often stain resistant. It is usually of a material that can be cleaned easily while the rest of the cleaning in the bathroom is being done. The choices in fabric range from neutral colored solids to prints with a more dramatic flair, such as zebra stripes or material with a textured style.

The base of the stool or bench is usually constructed so that the piece is easy to move in and out from under the vanity. This does not affect the sturdiness of the piece. A seat with a delicate looking design is just as sturdy as one that has a base that has a bold look. The materials used are usually either metal or wood, both of which will hold up great as well as providing a medium for creating the decorative effect. Additionally, these metal or wood accents can compliment the hardware on the vanity or the finish on the decorative bathroom wall mirror.

Having a stool or bench located in the bathroom for use with the vanity will complete the look of the décor of the room when a style is chosen that complements the space. Most importantly, it will bring comfort for those who use the space as a convenient place to sit while grooming or even just relaxing in the bathroom. This small addition will make a large difference in the look and use of the bathroom.