Espresso Finish Bathroom Vanities with Free Shipping!

Buying a vanity is not like going to the store and pulling a product off the shelf. There are many things to consider in order to ensure you get the right piece for your bathroom. You need to know a little bit about plumbing, understand the size needs and restrictions for your space and make many choices about style, storage and add-ons. Do not let all that information turn you away from the search for the perfect vanity, however. To start you off on your bathroom vanity shopping, we have provided the shopping guide below.

Things to Consider When Sizing a Bathroom Vanity?
The right size is an essential element of the perfect vanity. Buy too big and you lose functionality in your bathroom. Buy too small and you do not get what you can out of your vanity space. In order to measure for your vanity, start with the width. Measure the available space along the wall where the vanity will go. Make sure you keep swinging doors and access points in mind. Next, measure for depth by figuring out how far from the wall the vanity can come without interfering with movement. You also want to ensure cabinet doors and drawers in the vanity will open freely. Finally, you will want to determine at what height the vanity would be most functional for you or your family. Once you have determined those dimensions, use them as a guide for selecting your vanity.

Style and Finishing
Our espresso bath vanity selection offers many different styles from which to choose. You can incorporate a lovely dark, traditional cabinet into your room or go with something more contemporary or sleek. Color is not the only thing you should consider when looking at the style of your piece, however. You will also need to consider countertops, sinks, fixtures and hardware. For a contemporary look, you may go with a streamlined cabinet, granite counter tops and a vessel sink. A more traditional look could incorporate an integrated ceramic sink and counter top above rich espresso hardwood bathroom cabinet. Your vanity selection should match the overall style of your bathroom. However, you do want the vanity to be able to match new styles and designs you may incorporate in the future.

Storage Options
Storage is another important factor you will want to consider when selecting a vanity. The amount of storage you need will depend on existing elements in your bathroom. For example, if you already have a closet for towels and other items, you may want a vanity with a few small drawers for commonly used personal supplies. On the other hand, if you will need to store towels or large items in your vanity, you may want a cabinet that has a large door and open space along with a few drawers. You should also consider the number of people who will use the vanity and what they might like to store.

Before you finalize any vanity purchase, you should conduct a final review of all plumbing elements. The sink, fixtures and cabinet need to integrate well with each other and with existing plumbing in your home.