Floating Bathroom Vanities

One of the simplest ways to create a clean and modern space in your bathroom is with a floating bathroom vanity.

Wall mounted vanities are often called floating vanities because they create the illusion of floating or hovering above the floor. Unlike traditional free-standing vanities that rest on the floor, floating vanities are attached to the wall, leaving the space beneath them empty and creating a sense of openness.

Wall hung vanities make it easy to keep the floor clean and provide a contemporary and space-saving look for any bathroom. Shop for a floating vanity with single sink or double sink. Read More

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How to Measure for a Floating Bathroom Vanity?

Size is always an important consideration with a vanity, and it becomes very important for a cabinet mounted on your wall. Although the floating vanity height is less important than with a free standing vanity cabinet, you still need to consider width and depth. You should measure your bathroom space before browsing to filter your search to appropriate sizes to save you some time and hassle when shopping.

First, you should measure the width of your space. Consider any items the vanity should not cover, such as electrical outlets or switches. You also need to consider where the doors and other elements are in your room. You need to leave room for opening and closing doors.

Next, measure out from the wall to determine how deep the vanity can be. You want to leave enough room to open drawers and cabinet doors. You also want to move around in the space without running into the cabinet.

Style Selections

Next, you will want to consider style. Our floating vanities come in transitional and modern styles. You can choose from white, black, espresso, oak, walnut, and gray finishes. You can choose from various countertop materials, including solid surface, marble, granite, and ceramic. Some floating vanities can be ordered without a countertop, so you can further customize them. Consider your bath space and how a vanity might look with other elements in the room. 

Storage Options for Floating Vanities

Our vanities include storage options like drawers, cabinets, and open shelf spaces. You will want to consider what items will be stored in the vanity to determine what is ideal for your needs. Drawers are great for holding personal items like cosmetics, while cabinets are great for larger items and towels. Open shelves provide extra room for decorative elements if you want to include them in your room.

Floating Vanity Plumbing 

With any vanity purchase, you must ensure that plumbing components are compatible. Confirm if the countertop is pre-drilled for a one-hole or three-hole faucet. If you consider a vessel sink vanity, will you need a wall mounted faucet? Will your existing plumbing work with the new floating vanity, or does it require modifications?

If you have any questions about whether or not different components will work, please call our expert customer service representatives.

At Unique Vanities, we aim to ensure you find the perfect vanity for your bathroom. Whether you are looking for a modern bathroom vanity or something more traditional, we are confident you will find the perfect cabinet in our store.