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Are Oval Mirrors a Good Choice?

A bit more dramatic and elegant than most styles of round mirrors, oval bathroom mirrors can be designed for just about any taste and space. These mirrors are available in all sizes and styles, including the options between beveled and non-beveled glass, which can add to the design in many cases and create a contrasting detail. Plus, you’ll find everything from large oval mirrors to small, half-bath mirrors, and everything in between.

Oval bathroom mirrors also come with or without frames. While frameless mirrors used to be quite popular, more people are choosing frames today because they offer a unique way to complete the look. Some frames are so ornate that they even become art pieces of their own within the bathroom, offering much more than just a place to make sure that your pearly whites are as white as they can get.

How to Size for an Oval Mirror?

Framed oval bathroom mirrors include frames made of wood, metal, MDF, and a range of other materials. They’re all designed so that they arrive ready to hang, too. For those who really want to make a statement, the collection of more ornate oval mirror frames is the best option. And, when it comes to sizing an oval mirror, stick to a size that fits within the range of your vanity (a few inches shorter than its width). You’ll also want to hang the mirror at eye level (usually centered around 60 inches) to ensure optimal visibility.

With oval bathroom mirrors, you can completely change the look of the bathroom space by only making one small adjustment. Of course, there is nothing “small” about our collection of stylish, modern, contemporary, rustic, antique, and other types of oval mirrors for every design. Plus, they’re all made from top-quality materials and with the best construction practices in mind, ensuring people that they’re getting a good value for their money.

Time to Shop!

Take the time to browse our selection of oval bathroom mirrors for yourself and see which ones you fall in love with. No matter what bathroom design you have in mind, we’ve probably got a mirror that goes with it. You’ll find everything from wood tones to bright colors, blacks and silver finishes, and everything in between. Make sure to measure before you start shopping for accurate ordering and let us know if there’s anything you need. check back regularly for new additions to our oval mirror inventory, too!

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