Oval Bathroom Mirrors

The oval mirror has been an enduring staple in interior design. Its versatile shape and timeless appeal make it an excellent choice for various settings. From bathrooms to hallways, living rooms to dressing areas, an oval mirror often becomes the centerpiece that binds the room's theme together. Read More

Why the Oval Mirror Reigns Supreme

An oval mirror carries a universal shape that melds seamlessly with any interior design theme, whether vintage, contemporary, rustic, or minimalist. Unlike sharp-edged rectangular or square mirrors, the rounded contours of an oval mirror provide a soft touch, rendering a harmonious balance to any space.

Often, when one thinks of an oval mirror, it conjures images of ornate frames, intricate detailing, and an overall sense of artistic flair. Indeed, many oval mirrors come with beautifully crafted frames that turn the mirror into a statement piece.

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Placement Ideas for an Oval Mirror

Bathroom Vanity
A bathroom vanity adorned with an oval mirror becomes an instant focal point. Its soft curves counterbalance the often square and linear designs of bathroom fixtures.

Hallway Entrance
Welcome guests with an elegantly framed oval mirror in the entrance hallway. It serves as a decorative element and offers a quick check before heading out.

Over the Fireplace
Hang an oval mirror above the fireplace to enhance the room's warmth and coziness. It reflects the gentle flickering of the flames, creating an inviting atmosphere.

How to Size for an Oval Mirror

Framed oval bathroom mirrors include frames made of wood, metal, MDF, and various other materials. They’re all designed so that they arrive ready to hang, too. For those who want to make a statement, the collection of more ornate oval mirror frames is the best option. And, when it comes to sizing an oval mirror, stick to a size that fits within the range of your vanity (a few inches shorter than its width). You’ll also want to hang the mirror at eye level (usually centered around 60 inches) to ensure optimal visibility.

Choosing the Perfect Frame for Your Oval Mirror

Vintage Charm
For those who lean towards a touch of nostalgia, antique-styled frames with intricate detailing breathe life into an oval mirror. They exude a sense of history and charm that's hard to resist.

Minimalist Approach
On the flip side, for lovers of modern design, a sleek, frameless oval mirror or one with a thin metal frame can be incredibly chic and sophisticated.

Natural Elements
Wooden frames, whether polished or raw, lend a rustic, earthy feel to an oval mirror. They bring in an element of nature and are incredibly versatile, fitting in with many design themes.

Caring for Your Oval Mirror

Regular Cleaning
Mirrors inevitably collect dust and smudges. Using a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner designed for mirrors will keep your oval mirror sparkling and clear.

Proper Installation
Ensure your oval mirror is securely fastened to the wall, especially if it's sizable. This ensures its longevity and keeps it safe from accidental falls.

Incorporating Oval Mirrors in Commercial Spaces

Oval mirrors aren't just for homes. They can elevate the look of commercial spaces like restaurants, boutiques, and salons. A large oval mirror can make a room look more spacious, while several smaller oval mirrors can act as interesting wall art, adding depth and intrigue to a commercial setting.

With oval bathroom mirrors, you can completely change the look of the bathroom space by only making one small adjustment. Of course, there is nothing small about our collection of stylish, modern, contemporary, rustic, antique, and other types of oval mirrors for every design. Plus, they’re all made from top-quality materials and with the best construction practices in mind, ensuring people get good value for their money.