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Vessel sinks are a perfect way to bring unique styling and ultimate luxury to your bathroom vanity area. Probably the most luxurious versions of vessel sinks are created from stone like marble and granite. At Unique Vanities, we offer an entire line of stone vessel sinks for the bathroom in just about any shape and size you can imagine. The addition of a sink vessel to a vanity base will make a stunning addition to the bathroom as well as providing much needed functionality. Many of the vessels made with natural stone material will have their own unique pattern which adds just as much to the decor as the vanity they will be sitting upon. We make it easy to find the perfect sink for your decor and counter. We have provided the buying guide below to help you find the perfect stone sink for your project. Read More

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Type of Mount
When it comes to vessel sink, the first thing you need to know is how you will be mounting the item. Most people assume a vessel sink will be top mounted, but this is not true. Some sinks are made especially for under mounting or to be partially recessed into the counter. Make sure you know what you want and purchase a sink that will meet those preferences. Check each listing in our online catalogue for information on how the sink can be mounted. It can be simple to figure these measurements out. If there are any questions, they may be answered by the customer service representatives at this site or by consulting with a plumbing professional.

Size and Height
The sink also needs to fit your counter and space. Sizing requirements are two-fold. First, you need to determine if width and length will fit. This might include checking to see if the dimensions are compatible with counter cutouts for under sink mounting or simply verifying that the sink size is appropriate for sitting on top of your cabinet. Second, you need to check the depth of the sink. Is the sink deep enough to be functional and yet not so deep that it will not properly fit in your installation preference?

How to Choose a Faucet and Drain for a Vessel Sink?
It is important to keep fixtures in mind when purchasing any sink, especially a vessel sink. Top mount vessel sinks require a special faucet that will come up from the cabinet and fit over the sink edge. You should ensure your sink will work with existing fixtures or purchase a new vessel faucet that fits your sink. Additionally, most stone vessel sinks do not come with a secondary overflow cutout. This means you will need a drain without an overflow. Many of the sink vessels will require a faucet that is taller than the standard bathroom faucet. Getting the proper faucet size is easy. Many of the items will have faucet choices available to choose from on the same page as the sink and are sold separately.

Shape and Color
UniqueVanities offers stone vessel sinks in square, rectangle, round, oval and bowl-like shapes. We also offer granite, onyx, travertine and marble in a variety of hues. It is important to remember when ordering a sink created from natural stone that each piece will have slightly different elements and grains. This means the sink that arrives at your home may not look exactly like the one pictured in our catalogue. You should choose a sink based on the overall colors, not a specific element you see in the picture.

Care and Cleaning
Vessel sinks are usually made from natural stone materials. The selections included on this page are made with a variety of types, including marble, granite, onyx and travertine. These materials are inherently unique as they were developed over many years in a natural environment. Using special cleaning products is the best way to ensure the stone keeps its beauty through many years of use. It is highly recommended to seal the marble ones with a special sealant about two times per year. This will protect it from any corrosive materials that it might come into contact with while being used. Granite has been a popular choice in counter tops for many years so finding the special cleaner needed for this material is quite easy.  The vessels made with plain tempered glass will keep their beauty and shine quite easily with window cleaner or vinegar and water.

Plumbing Concerns
The final thing to consider when purchasing a sink of any type is overall plumbing. You have already decided the sink will fit with your fixtures and counter top, but you should double check all elements and specifications prior to making a purchase. A vessel sink bowl usually requires a taller than standard faucet. The proper type and size of faucets are sometimes shown on the page with the sink bowl and are available separately but can be easily ordered at the same time.

How to Order
Unique Vanities has made shopping from home for bathroom remodel jobs or replacements very easy. Each page shows all the essential details needed to make sure that the correct item is being selected. Within this website there are a large variety of vanity bases that are made to accommodate the vessel type sinks. It is important to find the right one that will work with the bowl type. Drop down menus for any available options are easy to use. The ordering process can be completed entirely online. If there are any questions or concerns about any of the items shown a call or message to a customer representative is simple and handled as soon as possible. All items include free shipping within the 48 continuous states.

Check out our unique selection of marble and granite vessel sinks. We have unique vessel style sinks in a large range of colors and shapes. We also offer a unique line of ceramic and glass vessel sinks that are perfect for your new home or bathroom remodel project.