Custom Bathroom Vanities Without Tops

Are you looking for a bathroom vanity without the top? We have a lot of requests from clients that want a furniture style bathroom vanity without the top so that they can add a unique countertop locally sourced. At Unique Vanities, we strive to meet your bathroom vanity needs in any way we can. Not only do we offer a huge selection in all prices and styles, but we also offer custom vanity options. Custom vanities allow you to choose the base cabinet that meets your style, and then either select from a variety of countertop and sink options, or purchase the base cabinet only without a top. Even with a custom vanity, however, it is possible to select the wrong item and reduce the functionality of your piece. The buying guide below will help you select the perfect vanity cabinet for your bathroom. Read More

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Custom Bathroom Vanities Without Tops Buying Guide

Things to Consider with Bathroom Vanity Sizing?
The first thing you need to do is ensure you understand sizing requirements. Measure your bathroom space. How much free wall space is there and how far out do you want the vanity to come? Use these measurements to guide your selection according to the width and depth of the vanity. You may also want to consider the height of the vanity, particularly if people of different ages or heights will be using the space.

Style and Finishing
A custom vanity option is fun because you get to dictate the style and finish. Try to choose elements that complement each other in an elegant fashion and will fit well within your room. You will need to choose from marble, travertine, granite, ceramic or glass counter tops and sinks. You will also need to select fixtures and hardware. You probably want to match fixtures and hardware to each other and to existing elements in the room. For example, if you have brushed nickel tub and shower fixtures, you may want to go with brushed nickel, stainless steel or chrome on your vanity. Make sure you choose pieces that you can work with in the future in case you want to change the direction of your design.

What Are My Bathroom Vanity Storage Options?
As with any vanity purchase, storage options are a concern with custom pieces. You want to consider what you will be using the vanity for and what you might want to store in the piece. This will help you determine how many cabinets, drawers or shelves you might need. Drawers are usually good for storing small personal items or cosmetics. However, some of our vanities come with deep and wide bureau-style drawers that would be the perfect place for bath or hand towels. Cabinets usually offer larger spaces, but without shelving, they can be hard to organize. Ensure you have an organization plan for your storage options before you finalize your selection.

Plumbing is an essential concern with any vanity purchase. When you choose a custom vanity, you can avoid problems with plumbing integration by building the cabinet and sink combination with your plumbing in mind. You should also ensure that the cabinet and sink you choose match the specifications for any fixtures you want. Additionally, the cabinet should not block power outlets, switches or lighting in the room, so you may want to double check measurements.