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When shopping for rustic bathroom vanities online, be certain on your maximum allowable dimensions. This is the biggest constraint for most bathroom remodel projects. If you are replacing an existing vanity, then you need to search for a vanity with the same sink and faucet configuration if you want to minimize plumbing updates. If this is a more extensive remodel, in which you will have your walls open, then you will have more options if you can update your plumbing configuration. The largest dimension on most vanities that include the countertop attached is the countertop.

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Premier Copper Products
The hand crafted items offered by Premier Copper Products will add style as well as great function to the bathroom. The sink bowls created by Premier Copper Products are as great to use as they are to look at. The material used in the manufacturing process is an element that has a natural beauty as well as amazing durability. The collection offered by Premier Copper Products also include towel racks, lights and light switches and essential plumbing parts.

Copper Sinks
A sink made with copper material is a great choice for the bathroom. Not only does this material have a warm natural patina, it is also very durable. With proper care, a copper sink will last for many years to come, always looking wonderful. In this collection of copper sinks, some are covered with a nickel finish, giving a silver tone to the piece while maintaining the durability.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks
The old farmhouse apron front sinks have become quite popular among designers and builders these days. This style is a nice way to allow the natural beauty of the sink material to show and become more a part of the décor. The selections shown here are made of copper or nickel plated copper material that has a rich tone and is a durable metal that will hold up well to the heavy duty work in the kitchen.

Rustic Mirrors
Copper metal and wood that create the frames around these mirrors has a warm tone that compliments the silver of the mirrored surface. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from among this collection. Each piece is made of high quality material and will be a welcome addition to any room, not only for the beauty of each piece but for the functionality that they will bring to the room.