Unique Vessel Sinks in Glass, Stone, Concrete, Copper

A vessel bathroom sink offers a versatile and dramatic touch for any bathroom. These sinks can provide a modern focal point for your entire room or be incorporated into a sleek and sophisticated vanity. Aside from the great beauty they add to the space, they also provide functionality. Your choice of vessel sinks will depend on a variety of factors and the wrong selection can make for an awkward design element in your bathroom. To help you choose the right item for your vanity area, we have provided a vessel sink buying guide below.Read More

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Pros and Cons of Vessel Sinks

Considerations When Shopping for a Vessel Bathroom Sink

How is a Vessel Sink Mounted?

Many people think of top mount bowl shaped sinks when they hear the word vessel. Vessel sinks can also be partially recessed into the counter top and under mounted for a more traditional look. Ensure the vessel sink you select will be compatible with your counter top and your mounting choice. There are several vanity types that are made just for the use of a vessel type sink bowl.

How to Choose a Vessel Sink Size and Height?

Not all vessel sinks are created equal, and it is essential you choose a piece that will fit your cabinetry. The sink's diameter or width must fit any pre-cut sections if you are choosing to under mount or partially recess. Even if you want the sink mounted on top of the counter, you may want to avoid selecting a 24 inch sink for an 18-inch counter top. You also need to be aware of sink depth. Not only does the height of the sink need to work for your counter and mounting requirements, but it should also be designed for your space and needs. After measuring the space on the vanity top, take note of the dimensions for each piece on the description page. Aside from height, depth is a very important factor to consider when choosing the right sink bowl.

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How to Pick a Vessel Faucet and Drain?

In addition to choosing a sink, you will probably need to choose fixtures. Vessel sinks typically require a unique faucet and drain selection due to their height and shape. A counter mounted vessel sink usually stands five inches or more above the surface. This requires a specialized vessel faucet that comes up from the cabinet and over the side. Usually these fixtures have single levers integrated into the design for easy to reach temperature and water volume control. You will also need to purchase a matching drain that fits the size of hole in your sink. It is important to note that most vessel sinks do not come with an over flow drain as in a standard sink. This may mean that using one in a child’s bathroom may not make the best decision.

What are Bathroom Sink Bowls Material Options?

Vessel sinks are made from a variety of material. Our vessel sink selection includes pieces created from glass, granite, travertine, copper, marble and various other beautiful stone. You want to choose a material that will work with your existing decor. Copper material is a natural substance that takes on an antique look and feel when molded into the sink vessel. It also is known for its natural anti-bacteria properties which makes it an excellent choice for a bathroom.

What is the Care and Maintenance Needed for a Vessel Sink?

To keep the sink vessel looking great through much use over the years, it is wise to take the time to clean and care for it properly, based on the type of material it is created from. The glass vessels will keep a bright shine with just glass cleaner or vinegar and water. Maintaining a granite sink is best with a special cleanser that can be found in any home goods store. Marble can be protected from acidic products with the use of a special sealant that can be applied two times a year.

What are the Options for Bathroom Sink Shape and Color?

Our vessel sink selection ranges from solid and traditional to unique and sublime. You can choose round, oval, square, oblong and many other shapes. We also offer almost any color you can imagine, making it easy to make a bold statement with your sink choice. Many of the options available in this collection are like works of art. Seeing them and using them each day when spending time in the bathroom will become a joyful time. The different materials also make an impact in the appearance of the sink vessel. Metals such as copper will have a rich warm glow that has a natural patina.

Are There Any Vessel Bathroom Sink Plumbing Concerns?

In addition to style choices, you also need to pick a vessel sink that will provide full functionality for your room. This means the sink must integrate with your cabinet. Once you narrow choices down to appropriate sizes, you will also need to ensure the sink fits with plumbing cutouts. Does your counter have a predrilled hole for plumbing elements, or is it a custom piece? Make sure you consult with your builder or plumber for measurements.

How to Order Bathroom Sink Bowls?

The Unique Vanities website makes finding, selecting and arranging shipment very easy. Each item page includes details about the materials and dimensions. Drop down menus are shown if there are any options to choose from. If there are any questions or concerns, a customer service representative will be able to answer any questions through the messaging function or by telephone. The entire order can be processed safely and easily online. Free shipping is available within the lower 48 states.

A vessel sink will make a stunning addition to the bathroom as well as the home. It shows that the home owner uses imagination and has a unique vision for the home, as well as providing practical use for the powder room, guest bathroom, master bath or even a bar or kitchen prep area. Browse the great selection on this page with the imagination and vision that helps to create the look and ambiance of the entire home and there will be great satisfaction as well as practicality brought to the home.