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Bring Light and Life into Your Home with Wall Mirrors

No bathroom or dressing room is complete without a mirror, but did you know they could also bring light and life to the rest of your home? Wall mirrors can add depth and size, improve natural lighting and more. Adding style and pizzazz is also possible with the right wall mirrors.

What Are Wall Mirrors?

Wall mirrors differ from bathroom or dressing room mirrors in a couple of ways. First, wall mirrors are made to be works of art in themselves, and feature elegant, unique frames – they’re not the utilitarian beveled edge mirrors you’re used to seeing in the bathroom. From large frames to narrow frames, gilt to natural wood, white to gold, you’ll discover a variety of ways to add style and beauty to your home along with the benefits that come from large mirrors. That’s another difference here – wall mirrors are larger than most bathroom mirrors, although you’ll find smaller options that can be used strategically.

Types of Wall Mirrors Offered

We offer a wide range of wall mirror types, from antiqued mirrors to modern designs, wood framed mirrors to rectangles to ovals, circles, squares and more. The right mirror shape combined with the right frame style and color will do wonders to open up the rooms in your home and spread light throughout. You’ll even find starburst style frames that catch and draw the eye.

Materials for Mirrors

All of our mirrors are made from the highest quality silvered glass for the best in terms of reflection. Our frames are made from a range of different materials, including natural wood, metal and even glass (our glass-framed mirrors are truly unique works of art). You’ll find aged-wood toned metal, gold leaf, copper sheeting squares, and many other options.

Things to Know Before Buying Wall Mirrors?

Before you buy any mirror, you’ll need to consider several things about the area for installation as well as the mirror you ultimately purchase. For instance, you’ll need to know both the size of the mirror and the mirror with the frame so you can ensure that it will fit on the wall where you want to hang it. You’ll also need to determine whether you want a beveled edge or not (even with a frame, the edge makes a big difference). In addition, consider how the mirror is designed to be hung. Many of our mirrors are designed to hang both vertically and horizontally, offering you more convenience. Finally, you’ll certainly need to determine how much the mirror weighs, how easy the installation process is and whether you’ll need an extra pair of hands to get the job done.

Styles of Wall Mirrors

You’ll find every style under the sun available, from modern to avant-garde, French country to rustic, European to American. Whether your home is rustic and comfortable, formal and elegant, or refined and sophisticated, we have wall mirrors what will add beauty, light and life to every single room in the house.