31 to 35 Inch Wide Single Sink Bathroom Vanities

At Unique Vanities, our goal is to provide striking, functional vanities that are appropriate for all ranges of space, budget and style. To that end, our selection of bath vanities in the 31 to 35 inch wide range offer style and abundant functionality for your small to medium bath area. You can use these vanities in a powder bath, wash space or master bath. The key to getting the most out of your vanity is selecting the right piece for your space. In order to help you find the perfect vanity for your room, we are providing the buying tips below. Read More

How to Consider Bathroom Vanity Sizing?

One of the worst things you can do is buy a vanity that does not fit your space. You may be able to install it, but it will not look great and may not provide full functionality. To measure your space to ensure the vanity fits, you will need to get a width and a depth. The width is the length along the wall where the vanity will go. When taking this measurement, you should account for areas where other items must be installed or doors must be able to swing open or closed. You should also account for access points like plumbing cutouts or closets. To measure for depth, simply decide how far the vanity can come out from the wall and measure forward. You should think about the fact that the vanity may have doors or drawers that will open, so leave enough space for that. You also want to leave enough space to move freely around the room.

Style and Finishing

The style of your vanity will be determined by your own personal preferences as well as the overall decor of your bathroom. Do you prefer a modern or traditional style decor?  You do want to choose style elements that will be versatile enough to fit in with future decor changes. You probably do not want to change your vanity every time you paint your wall, for example.

Storage Options

Storage options are a large part of many vanity purchases, especially for those who do not have any other storage in their bathroom. Our vanities include storage options like cabinets, open shelving and various sized drawers. To understand which storage options are best for your room, think about how you or your family will use the vanity. Who will store items in the vanity and what will they store? By understanding the items that will go into the vanity, you can better understand whether you will need a cabinet or drawer for storage. You might also consider purchasing a separate storage item. Some of our vanity sets come with side cabinets, medicine cabinets or shelving as an additional purchase option.


Finally, you want to review your selection to ensure it will integrate with existing plumbing. Review the specifications for all elements, including fixtures and sink, to make sure they match. Find out if you need any addition tools or parts to install the vanity into your space. You should also conduct a final measurement check and make sure the vanity will not block power outlets or other items on the wall.

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