Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities

As the name implies, a space designed in the farmhouse style takes its cues from "a farmhouse building, including its interior and exterior decoration," according to one design professional. They go on to say that there is also farmhouse decor, and it is "a style that introduces rusticness, warmth, traditional and chic" elements that can integrate beautifully with modern style.

And the good news is that you can design a new bathroom with a farmhouse style just as readily as you could a kitchen or other living space. Read More

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Farmhouse Bathroom Style Elements

And, while it can be simple, pastoral, and functional; farmhouse style in the bathroom can also be blended with pre-existing styles and concepts such as:

What is Modern Farmhouse Style?

This is a farmhouse-style that, as one expert noted, "combines the sleek clean lines of contemporary design with the cozy farmhouse aesthetic to create a uniquely fresh take on the country living inspired style." You will find it combines a lot of creamy white hues with neutrals or even bright and bold hues as well as natural wood accents, exposed beams, chippy painted finishes, vintage items and antiques, and more.

What is Rustic Farmhouse Style?

Also called classic, this variation features a lot more natural wood, authentic vintage items in less than perfect conditions, old-fashioned or very traditional materials and fabrics, and really emphasizes the comfortable and relaxed over the smooth and sleek. While still sophisticated, it is far from contemporary and will rarely use the same steel and industrial-inspired materials of modern or industrial farmhouse styles.

What is Industrial Farmhouse Style?

Described by experts as "where rustic meets modern," the industrial farmhouse style is still very comfortable and family-friendly. It is a blending of white, metal and pops of color or whimsy. It still features some distressed finishes, but in this approach to farmhouse, there is an emphasis on anything of a more industrial nature, i.e., galvanized metal, black-painted items, and only a hint of the playfulness in the other variations.

The Many Elements of Farmhouse Style

Regardless of the approach to farmhouse style that you are going to use in your bathroom, all have some relatively common elements that can really boost the farmhouse esthetic. They include:

Freestanding Tubs

Does anything say farmhouse more than a good, old-fashioned tub? Whether you invest in a refurbished and antique clawfoot tub or you buy a deep soaking tub with a more industrial look, the large and freestanding tub is going to give you an instant jolt of farmhouse style. And as one expert said, if you want to give any bathroom an immediate look of the farmhouse style, think "freestanding tubs and farmhouse sinks."

Farmhouse Sinks

The freestanding tub gives you openness and airiness rarely found inside, and the farmhouse sink is going to naturally complement that style of tub and other fixtures. For example, apron sinks and trough sinks work well, but so too do the above vanity sink bowls, especially if chosen in a farmhouse friendly palette.

Walls, Ceilings and Floors

Walls and ceilings can add further emphasis on the style, and especially if done with affordable finishes like painted beadboard or half-walls of wainscoting and beadboard combined. Shiplap ceilings and walls further emphasize the idea, though a galvanized metal surround or walls can also forward them. You can also integrate a lot of reclaimed wood on the walls and ceilings, and even the floors.

The use of exposed ceiling beams is a given, if possible. This adds a lot of light and also lets you make the most of natural wood. Don’t forget, though, that modern and industrial farmhouse esthetics mean that your exposed brickwork, concrete floors or countertops, and even subway or vintage tile work can all get a lot more mileage.

Take a look around at the existing finishes in your bathroom. If you find that you have budget limitations, the farmhouse style can really work hard for your bottom line. After all, as noted, wainscoting and beadboard are incredibly affordable options and when treated well can withstand the rigors of the bathroom for years. The option for galvanized metal is also a wonderful choice for the budget, and you can even find reclaimed options to get the ultimate vintage farmhouse look.

If you can work with exposed brick and beams, or existing tile, these materials are ready for decades of performance, and can often benefit from little more than cleaning and a new coat of paint or grout. Concrete is a perfect material for industrial-inspired spaces, and many people are hopping on the concrete countertop bandwagon, especially for farmhouse styled bathrooms and kitchens.

Other Bathroom Elements

As you develop your plans for the ultimate farmhouse bathroom, keep in mind that there are a few key concepts that you can easily, affordably, stylishly and quickly integrate into those plans. For example, the basic palette of ANY farmhouse bathroom has to be a variation on white or pale grey.

Starting there, you can begin to create contrasting areas of darker and lighter hues. Darker floors, lighter walls and ceilings, and pops of color with fixtures and décor would be a simple, effective formula. The bulk of the color in any farmhouse space has to be neutral, and you can then add elements of color through the use of materials like natural stone, concrete, wood, plants, tiles, linens, fixtures, and more.

One way that many designers add color and texture to a farmhouse bath is to use exposed plumbing. Whether it is a pedestal sink or an open vanity, or even some storage, the use of plumbing and pipes as part of the color and design scheme really says farmhouse.

And if the whole idea of a farmhouse space is to be forwarded from start to finish, the entry into the bathroom should reflect that overall style, too. That is why so many designers use the classic sliding barn door hardware to create an entrance into the space. From the outside, it adds a bit of farmhouse style (whether the door is painted or left in a rough and even chippy painted finish). The heavy rollers and hardware bring a bit of industrial and modern appeal, and from the inside, it gives that authentic farmhouse finish.

As you plan for a farmhouse space, don’t overlook the opportunity to add antique cabinets for storage, authentic vintage rugs, wooden accents such as shelves or ornately framed mirrors. You can use wooden countertops, wire and metal storage racks, and even choose alternative vanities that are refurbished cabinets to forward the farmhouse look.

There is so much you can do with farmhouse style, and we hope you use these tips to update your living space.