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There is so much more to taking a shower or a bath than just getting clean. It can be a time for refreshing oneself, or for having a moment of much needed pampering. Stepping out of the tub or shower and wrapping up in a fluffy, warmed towel will add a touch of luxury to the experience. Installing a towel warmer into a bathroom can be just the thing that adds the nicest feeling.

How to Install a Towel Warmer?

There are several different types of towel warmers on the market. The designers understand that this is like any appliance and people have different preferences. There are two main ways to install a towel warmer. One is the model that is hardwired directly into the homes electrical system. The other type is one that is plugged into an existing electrical outlet. Each type of unit is made with built in safety features to ensure that having an electrical device around a water environment will cause no harm or danger.

What Types of Towel Warmers Are Available?

There are towel warmers that are free standing, but many people prefer the wall mounted units because they do not take up any floor space. These types also work well when installed in a bathroom that has half tile walls because then the warmer can be installed above the line and the tiles will not be affected by the installation.

Many of the units have a timer or a built in thermostat so they will shut off when the correct temperature is reached. The timers can also be set so the unit is not using any power at all in the times when the warming is not needed. These devices are designed to be efficient, with most models using only the same amount of electricity as a standard light bulb.

The appearance of a towel warmer is as varied as any other bathroom fixture. There are some that have four bars, best for use in a bathroom used by one or two people, or some that are made with eight bars or more, to best accommodate a bathroom that is used by many people. There are some styles that include a shelf at the top for storage of towels.

Most types of towel warmers have straight bars that look very much like a standard towel rack. The finish on the racks range from silver chrome to antique bronze, so it is very easy to find one that matches well with the other fixtures in the room. Many of these towel warmers have a contemporary look. One with a simple design would go well with any type of décor.

Where to Buy Towel Warmers?

When the time comes to find just the right towel warmer for the bathroom, it is best to visit a place that has a selection to be sure that just the right one is available. Working with a company such as Unique Vanities is always a good choice because they are well aware of the many choices out there and can assist the client with making the best selection. There may be some questions that the consumer had not thought of that will be brought to their attention.

Being able to look at the many styles available ensures that just the right type and design of warmer for the intended space is found.

Visiting the site online makes for easy, one stop shopping to fully complete the bathroom with the best fixtures and furnishings that will make the bathroom not only look just the way the client pictures, but will bring the ultimate in comfort and convenience when using the space.