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What is a Pedestal Bathroom Sink?

When you are looking for a vanity for your small bath space, you may think that you are limited on creativity and style because of the required dimensions. If you are having a hard time finding a traditional vanity to suit your small bath needs, then you might want to consider a pedestal bathroom sink. Pedestal vanities usually do not have a cabinet portion, although they might offer a small drawer or open shelving. They can range from fountain-like shapes to boxy modern designs. When choosing a pedestal vanity, you still need to keep size, style and storage needs in mind. The buying guide below is provided to help you shop for a creative and fun vanity for your small bath space.

Pedestal sink cabinets (or consoles) are generally more compact than traditional cabinets, but you still need to ensure they fit within your space. You will need to get out the measuring tape and take down a few facts about your bathroom before your start shopping. Start by measuring the open space along your wall. This is the area where your vanity and sink will go. When conducting this measurement, keep in mind functional elements like door movement and the need to walk through your space. You should also measure out from the wall to get a depth for your vanity, keeping the same things in mind. Finally, decide about how high you would like your vanity.  Single sink consoles come in a variety of heights.

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Style and Finishing
One of the great things about pedestal sinks is that you can really express your personal style. Some of our petite pedestal sinks resemble luxurious garden fountains while others are simple geometric constructions of metal and glass. You should choose a vanity that matches the ambiance of your space and will allow for design changes in the future. You may be able to choose from different sink and hardware options in order to create additional style for your piece. When doing so, try to tie the vanity to the rest of the room by matching fixtures or colors.

Storage Options
If you need a great deal of storage, then a pedestal vanity may not be the right choice for you. Some of our more ornate models do not offer any storage at all and are meant for small bath or wash spaces. Other options include open shelving suitable for a basket of towels or soap. Many of our petite pedestal sinks do include a small bar for hanging hand towels on. The storage options and style of our pedestal vanities make them a great choice for powder baths where you would like clean, stylish elements but do not require a great deal of personal items on a regular basis.

With any vanity selection, you should conduct a final review to ensure all plumbing elements are in alignment and will integrate well into your space. This is especially true for a pedestal sink if you are replacing traditional cabinetry. You will need to ensure the style of the piece allows for plumbing and may need to purchase extra parts to complete installation.