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Is White a Good Choice for a Bathroom Vanity?

When you want to bring a clean look to your bathroom regardless of style, a white vanity often makes a great choice. Your first thought might be that a white cabinet would be boring, but we offer such a range of styles and accents at UniqueVanities that you will be sure to find the perfect look for your room and style. However, if you fail to choose a vanity that fits your space or technical requirements, you may regret the purchase and suffer with a piece that is not fully functional. To help you avoid this issue, we have provided the buying tips below.

Need Inspiration? Check Out Houzz for Designer Ideas for White Bathroom Vanities

Size is an essential element when shopping for any vanity. You need to understand how the item will fit in your space and ensure there is ample room left for movement and all other elements within the bathroom. For example, if your vanity is too wide, you may find it difficult to clean the room and the piece may block the inward swing of any door. You should start sizing the vanity space by getting a measurement for width. This is the length of space the vanity will take up on your wall. Make sure you make allowances for movement, reaching different items and doors. Next, consider how deep you would like the vanity to be. The depth is how far the vanity comes from the wall. You always need to remember the possibility of drawers and doors that will open the front of the vanity. Finally, you may want to spend a few moments testing out different heights for the vanity to see which one seems comfortable. You can use existing counters or tables for experimenting.

Style and Finishing
Style is obviously important for any type of furniture purchase. Our white vanity selection ranges from sleek and modern to antiqued and traditional. You can alter the style of a piece by choosing different types of counter tops, sinks and fixtures. You want to create a piece where all the elements complement each other and the entire product matches your decor and personal style choices.

Shop by Finish: Antique White Bathroom Vanities
When shopping for antique white bathroom vanities, there are many different styles to choose from.  The shade of the antique white finish can vary from a light white to a shade with creamy undertones. The antique white shade goes well with any style of vanity, be it an ornate traditional style to one with more of a contemporary look. These vanities are available in single or double sink style and all come with free shipping.

Shop by Finish: Black Bathroom Vanities
The vanity is often the focal point of the bathroom, and it does get a lot of use. Selecting a piece with a black or very dark finish is a great option because the piece will really stand out within the space. It is also a good choice for practical reasons because dirt will not show as much on a dark surface. There is wide selection of vanities available with dark finishes, in both single and double sink models and many different designs.

Shop by Finish: Brown Bathroom Vanities
When looking for a bathroom vanity with a brown finish, there are many different choices to select from. The natural wood tone finish looks great on a vanity with a modern design and just as well on a more traditional styled piece. The darker tone of a brown finish can make the vanity really stand out and complement the space. Free shipping is available on all purchases.

Shop by Finish: Espresso Bathroom Vanities
Selecting a bathroom sink vanity with a dark finish is a favorite choice for many. The color can really make the piece stand out within the space. The espresso shade that is a popular finish choice has a rich tone that will add warmth to the room. It is also a good contrast for the many different colors of counter top and sink bowl material. The high quality pieces available through Unique Vanities are shipped free of charge. 

Storage something anyone shopping for a vanity should think about. If you have ample storage in your bathroom, you may only think about it long enough to realize storage concerns do not have to drive your choice. However, if the vanity will be your primary storage area, then you want to make a good choice on the options. Think about the people who will need storage space and what items they might want to keep in the vanity. This will help you understand whether drawers, cabinets or open shelving is the best way to go.

Finally, you need to consider the plumbing and other technical aspects of your purchase. You should ensure all fixtures and components have matching specifications and that your existing plumbing can support your purchase. You may also want to consider the measurements for your vanity cabinet and ensure the piece will not block electrical outlets or come too close to heating sources.

Shop White Mirrors offers only high quality white bathroom vanities. All product lines are hand selected for their quality craftsmanship and price. Our white vanity cabinets will add a unique look to your project for years to come.

Our mission is to provide an excellent online shopping experience for all of our clients. Call us and our professional sales partners will answer all of your questions and help you find the perfect single or double sink white vanity for your new bathroom.