Single Sink Bathroom Vanities 14 to 73 Inches

The bathroom sink vanity is often the focal point of the space. It provides many functions and gets a lot of use. The single sink style is one of the most popular choices for many homes. There are many vanities to choose from, with a wide range of design styles, color choices and sink types. Whether for a replacement or a complete remodel job, finding just the right vanity that meets your style and functional needs is made simple. Read More

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Single Sink Vanity Buying Guide

Single Vanities Without Counter Tops
The selection of vanities without countertops available within this collection allow the client to choose exactly what they are looking for. The cabinets are available with the choice of counter tops, or can be purchased without the countertop to enable the home owner to get just what they are looking for. The counter top choices available make it easy to match the decor of the bathroom they are to be installed in. From modern to elegantly traditional, the selections available here are sure to enhance the bathroom with both style and function.

Traditional Bathroom Vanities
This amazing collection of single vanities in traditional and antique styles includes pieces that have detailing that will enhance any bathroom space. The large variety of sizes makes it easy to find just the perfect fit for the space. Though function is usually a priority for the bathroom, these sinks look more like a piece of furniture.

Modern Bathroom Vanities
A modern bathroom decor deserves a vanity that fits in well with this style. This selection of single vanities comes in wall mount and free standing, many with flat panel doors and drawers for the minimalist look. Many finish colors to choose from, including white, espresso and black.

Vessel Sink Vanities
A sink vessel is a unique way to add both form and function to the bathroom. A vessel sink sits on top of the countertop. Though a vessel sink is often considered modern, you can see from this collection that you can also find styles ranging from natural looking vines twined together to form the base, to simple but elegantly designed cabinets.

Pedestal Bathroom Sinks
Pedestal style vanities are ideal for guest bathrooms, or rooms with limited space. There's more to choose from than the standard white pedestal sinks from years past. Our collection offers a unique touch to the decor of the room as well as adding needed functionality. Simple and modern looking styles as well as pieces with elegant details are here for the choosing.

How to Measure for a Single Vanity

Getting the right size vanity base is crucial for the look and flow of the space. The best way to start this process is to measure the dimensions of the existing vanity. It could be possible to get a larger size, just make sure it does not disturb the maneuverability in the room nor cover any electrical outlets or vents. On the page of each item are detailed measurements of the width, height and depth of the piece. It will be easy to determine which ones will be the best fit for the intended space.

Narrow Depth Vanities
Getting the right size vanity for the space is very important when selecting one for the bathroom. Some spaces can only accommodate a piece with a certain depth. The sinks in this collection have 20 inch depth or less, which is narrow enough for the space. There are many choices available for the length. The design styles also come in a nice variety to best go with the decor of the bathroom.

Plumbing and Installation

Each of the vanity bases available here have a pre-cut hole in the back to accommodate the water lines and drain pipes. The installation can be performed by an experienced or confidant homeowner or by hiring a professional plumber. The counter top or sinks have a pre-cut hole for the faucet. Many of the selections include a faucet that will best work with the sink type, be it an under mount design or a vessel style.

Vanities with Offset Sinks
If you have a unique plumbing issue which requires the sink to be offset, then check out this page of vanities in which you can find sinks on the left or right side, rather than centered. These are also great if you have a smaller space and want to maximize your countertop space.

How to Order

Along with the many style types offered here, there are also choices to make regarding finish color and counter top material. This is easy with the drop down menus.  This allows for the perfect combination that will match the home owners’ imagination regarding how the vanity will look within the room. Ordering can be done completely online, but if there are any questions or concerns, a call or message to a customer service representative is always possible. Shipping is free to the 48 continuous states.