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Add Light, Beauty and Visual Interest to Your Walls with Wall Sconces

When it comes to lighting for your home, you have far more options than your typical ceiling light fixtures or table lamps. Wall sconces are one such solution – they offer unique ways to add beauty, style, light and visual interest to your entire home. What should you know about these lighting solutions?

What Is a Wall Sconce?

A wall sconce is little more than a light fixture that mounts to the wall rather than to the ceiling. Sconces come in a variety of styles and materials, and can have one or more lights. Wall sconces can incorporate modern style, rustic themes and more, and can be used in virtually any room of the home. Controlling wall sconces is done via a separate switch, much like a ceiling light fixture.

Types of Wall Sconces Offered

You’ll find a wide range of wall sconce types to offer, depending on the room or rooms in your home in which you wish to change or install new light fixtures. You’ll find sconces designed to fit perfectly into your living room décor as well as a wide range of bathroom wall sconce options. In terms of styles, you’ll find candle wall sconces, rustic wall sconce lighting, wrought iron wall sconce models, antler sconces and many others as well.

Materials for Wall Sconces

Perusing the selection of wall sconces available will show you a range of materials, all of which can heighten the aesthetics of your home. You’ll discover sconces made with wrought iron, as well as hand-shaped copper. Onyx is a beautiful natural stone used for light covers, but you’ll also find hand-blown glass and many other high-end materials available, allowing you to achieve the look and feel that you want for your home.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Wall Sconces?

Before you decide to purchase a particular style or type of wall sconce, it’s important to consider the following:

Height – The height of your wall sconce is an indication of how tall the light fixture is from the base to the tip. You’ll need to ensure that you have sufficient room for the sconce you want in the installation area.

Number of Lights – The number of lights the sconce features is also an important consideration, as it determines maximum light emission for the room as a whole, as well as having an impact on the style of the sconce. 

Bulb Requirements – The bulb type required for the wall sconce is important because this will determine not only the size of the bulb, but the power usage and light emission of each bulb.


From rustic to modern to vintage, you’ll find a range of wall sconce styles available to fit in with your existing décor theme.

Custom Order

Worried you’ll be stuck with a mass-produced light fixture? Never fear – you can add your own personal touch through customization. Choose your own finish or metal color. Opt for a different color onyx. Choose wrought iron over copper. The choice is yours, but remember that custom orders take up to four weeks longer to ship.