24 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanities

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What is the Most Common Size Bathroom Vanity?

If you want something more than just a sink, but don't have space for anything much bigger, a 24 inch vanity could be a perfect choice. You'll find several models in traditional, contemporary, and modern designs that can fit a half-bath or even a full bath where you’re limited on space.

First, though, it's helpful to understand more about vanity sizing and how to choose your new fixture.

What Size is a Small Bathroom Vanity?

Typically, a 24 inch bathroom vanity is considered a "small" model. There are several sizes of vanities out there today, ranging from about 18 inches wide to as much as 84 inches wide, and also in a variety of heights to fit the space perfectly. The exact dimensions of a 24 inch bathroom vanity will depend on the style and design, but it usually will have a depth of around 18 inches. Some are as narrow as 10-12 inches, but that doesn't leave a lot of room for the sink.

Within the 24 inch collection, you won't find double sink vanities because there's just not enough space. You may find larger single sinks, which could make these desirable. They also offer more counter space than a smaller 18 inch model, but without compromising on the sink that you want.

How Do You Pick the Right Size Vanity?

It’d be ideal if you could "try before you buy" with vanities but measuring carefully is generally enough to give you an idea of what kind of space you have. Consider first where the plumbing is because you’ll need a cabinet or sink that's centered on that. Then, look at the space you have to the side of the vanity and in front—this will help you determine the width and depth that you need.

As far as height is concerned, some recommend 36 inch vanities for a master bath, but you'll usually find most vanities around 32 inches as a "standard" size. There are some models as low as 30 inches high if you need something more accessible or that kids can reach.

Colors and Styles Abound

Feel free to peruse our collection of 24 inch vanities and see what you can find. There are several style and color combinations to choose from and they even come with a selection of options for the counter and sink, giving you the chance to create your perfect space when you don't have much space to work with. 24 inch vanities can be stylish and functional, and won’t leave you feeling like you're missing out. Find yours now.

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