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Does Gray Look Good in a Bathroom?

Gray is in, and it's available in more shades and styles than you can imagine. While some people dream of bold, bright colors and others stick to the whites and off-whites for safety's sake, gray is still one of the most popular colors used to decorate the home. Gray is calming, versatile, and comes in so many tones and shades that it can work in any size space.

Gray typically has a few different shade categories:

  • True Gray (Black and white)
  • Brown Grays
  • Purple Grays
  • Blue Grays
  • Green Grays

Within these, you'll also find a host of different exact shades, with hundreds of shades of gray to choose from. A gray bathroom vanity can be just the piece you need to add a touch of style to your space, and those are available in various shades of gray, as well.

Consider the following in your design, and check out our selection of gray vanities in all styles and sizes, and with a myriad of finish options, to find your perfect fit.

Gray for Bathrooms – Warm vs. Cold Shades and More

Choosing gray for a bathroom, to some, might seem like a bad choice. It is a dull color in some shades, and too dark of a gray can make the small space look heavy and closed-in. However, the right shade of gray with the right accent colors can make the entire space feel and look larger, in addition to adding modern style and substance to your bathroom.

If you choose a gray vanity, you probably won't also want to have gray walls. Instead, consider whites, blues, or even greens and purples if they match your chosen vanity and other accents. Warm shades include purples, yellows, etc. Cold shades are the darker blues, greens, blacks, and dark grays.

What Colors Go with a Gray Bathroom Vanity?

If you choose an achromatic gray (one that doesn't have any color tint, just black and white), you'll find that you can match a lot of different colors since it is neutral. Commonly, you'll see dark grays accented with whites for a stark, contemporary appeal. Beige and black are also commonly found with gray pieces if you're looking for a neutral look all around. If you want to add some color to the space, consider the shades that match the undertone of your gray—greens for green-gray tones, blues for blue-grays, and so on.

Choose your favorite new vanity in modern gray and set your bathroom apart, no matter what your color palette or style.

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