What’s Your Style? Craftsman Bathroom Elements

The Crafstman architecture style (sometimes called Prairie style) is simple and artistic. It’s a great style for bathrooms because you can easily establish it with your cabinet and tile choices. Craftsman style celebrates simple materials and the handmade quality of woodwork. Rivets, nails and joints are usually left exposed and even featured.

Shaker-style cabinets are simple, but beautiful. Craftsman style cabinets are generally darker wood, but painted cabinets can also work. Hardware colors are dark as well, consider black or brushed bronze. Upper cabinets commonly feature crown molding. If you don’t have upper cabinets, consider adding decorative molding to your mirror frame.

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Handmade tiles offer the chance to create a one-of-a-kind shower or backsplash. Craftsman tiles are highly glazed with few elaborate accents.

Natural stone countertops and copper or brass hardware change with time and accompany wood elements well.

You’ll want to keep accessories scarce in craftsman style, in order to highlight the materials. Add fresh flowers or some handmade pottery. Light fixtures can also work as decorative pieces.

Green is popular color in craftsman designs because of its association with the outdoors, plus it complements natural wood very nicely.

Craftsman style design focuses on simple materials and emphasizes woodwork. Remember these designer tips when renovating or updating your craftsman bathroom!

Content provided by Julia Ritzenthaler

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