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Trap way size

The new toilets today are designed to use less water, this means that a homeowner updating their toilet system may find that the new trap-way may not match up with the trap-way that the home originally has. The trap-way in the new toilets are 2 inches or larger. The tank size on the toilet is usually about six gallons, but the toilet only uses 1.6 gallons per flush. This has been standard since the new regulations by the National Energy Policy were effective in 1994. This reduced greatly the amount of water per flush used, which conserves the natural item for the good of the environment. Additionally however, you can see this reduction in your utility bills each month as well! You can read more about the EPA WaterSense Certification Here.

How to Choose a Toilet?

One may not think to "try on" a toilet before purchasing, but it is a good idea to make sure it is a good size for everyone in the household. No one wants to install a toilet just to find out that it is too short for the taller users, or hard for older people to get up from. With the thickness of the seat included, the standard height of the toilet is 16-17 inches. They are available in taller models in case anyone in the home is extremely tall. Most standard bowls are round, but elongated bowls are an option. If the space is limited, an elongated bowl may not be the best choice, as it would take up leg room. Make sure the drain and the water hook ups line up in size with what is already there. Additionally, factor in the placement of other items in your bathroom. You wouldn't want your knees to be bumping into your bathroom vanity cabinet, for example.

Toilet Types

Aside from being able to use less water, toilets today are designed in the same basic way that they have since the invention of indoor plumbing. Gravity is what makes them work. Some toilets feature different types of mechanics in the flushing process, but once that is started, they all work pretty much the same way.

What Parts and Supplies Do You Need For Installation of a Toilet?

Before the homeowner begins the job of installing the new toilet, they need to make sure they have everything handy that the process requires. Most toilets come with all of the parts needed to make it work. The flange, lever and ball system that is how the flush system works are usually included with the purchase of the toilet. A wax or rubber gasket is needed for where the toilet hooks up with the drain in the floor. These are a standard size and easily available. This part may require two or more people to assure that the toilet is lined up properly before seating it on the gasket. Hooking up to the water supply line is simple, as there is only a cold water line.

Here's are 2 great videos on how to install a toilet by one of our contractors!

How to Install a Toilet Part 1

How to Install a Toilet Part 2

Styles, Colors and Prices

Most people choose the standard white toilet for their bathrooms, but they are available in a variety of colors, ranging from black to purple. A black toilet is pretty sleek looking, but in a home with hard water, the calcium deposits will show up noticeably. Going with the cheapest model may be the inclination of most people, but keep in mind that a toilet does get a lot of daily use, and in a multiple person household, very heavy duty use. As the years go by, the wax ring or the inner parts may need to be replaced. The actual toilet bowl and the tank should hold up well for many years, barring any kind of accidents. Choosing one that is easy to clean is another thing to keep in mind. Many of the toilets today are streamlined and do not have curves on the outside that need to be wiped around.

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