Bathroom Countertop Trends: Quartz

Engineered quartz is a man-made material that combines the beauty and durability of natural stone with the convenience of many color and texture options. Usually, it’s made up of about 95% natural quartz stone and 5% resins or recycled materials. Quartz is perfect for bathroom countertops because it is durable, low maintenance, and can adapt to any color or design style. Quartz is relatively economical among other countertop choices; you can expect to pay around $60-70 per square foot. For comparison purposes, granite usually costs around $80-100 per square foot, and marble costs approximately $120 per square foot. These prices are just for the material; you’ll also need to factor in installation, edge details, and leveling if necessary.

double sink vanities with quartz

Quartz is quickly gaining popularity, so it’s often a choice for countertop material where vanities are sold.

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If you’re just swapping out the countertops on your existing cabinetry, there is sure to be a color option that works with what you have now. For example, if you have copper fixtures, you could order a quartz countertop with flecks of real copper. If you have a more modern bathroom, quartz can even mimic concrete, another big trend for bathrooms. Quartz is lighter than concrete and also easier to install.


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Quartz can mimic the movement and beauty of natural stones without maintenance inconveniences. No sealing or polishing is ever required on engineered quartz, and because of its non-porous surface, it’s much more resistant to stains than marble or granite.


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Custom colored (and textured) quartz is available from most manufacturers if none of the stock options are right for your existing bathroom.


Photo by Patricia B. Warren, AIA Warren Architecture, LLC

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