Console Sink Buying Guide 2023

Console sinks have become a popular choice for modern bathroom designs. These freestanding fixtures feature exposed plumbing and are supported by elegant legs or brackets. With their sleek and minimalist design, console sinks add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom space. Console sinks offer both style and durability and are available in various materials … Read more

10 Trending Vessel Sinks

The modern bathroom pairs well with vessel sinks. If you’re looking for a simple, stylish upgrade for your bathroom renovation, this could be the ideal choice. With so many styles and unique finishes to choose from, you might even find some inspiration for the rest of your design by choosing one of these great sinks. … Read more

8 Bathroom Remodeling Projects That Add the Most Value

Remodeling the bathroom is a big project. However, it offers plenty of possibilities for homeowners looking to create value in their property. Not only that, but you get a great new space to enjoy, so there’s nothing to lose. Of course, some renovations will add more value than others. In this guide, we’ll look at … Read more

8 Trending Stone Bathroom Sinks

Choosing the right bathroom sink might not seem like a big deal until you start shopping. The sheer variety and selection available seem overwhelming. While you could stick with traditional ceramic or porcelain, stone offers a beautiful finish that’s more unique and can fit with just about any aesthetic. In this guide, we’ll discuss the … Read more

Standard Bathroom Vanity Sizes

Bathroom vanities come in all sizes, but some are considered standard for the industry. Knowing what those are can help you better plan your bathroom remodel. Choosing the right size vanity will depend on several factors, including the space you have to work with, what type of vanity you want, how many sinks you need, and so … Read more

10 Questions About Small Double Sink Vanities

Bathroom vanities come in all sizes and configurations, with double-sink vanities being some of the most popular. Of course, many people buy more oversized double vanities that measure 60 inches or more to give themselves more space, but that might only sometimes be possible. As a result, more small vanities are being made in double-sink … Read more

10 Trending 24 Inch Bathroom Vanities

When you’re short on space in the bathroom, you want to make as much of it as possible. A large part of that comes in choosing the right bathroom vanity. The good news is that if you’re in the market for a small bathroom vanity, you have many more options than you think. Before we … Read more

Bathroom Design: Traditional vs Contemporary Styles

Renovating or updating your bathroom is a great way to spruce up your home in a way that makes a big impact. One of the first things that you need to do is to choose a style for the space. The style that you choose will impact the fixtures, colors, and other features throughout the … Read more

Answering Your Top 8 Pedestal Sink Questions

Pedestal sinks are usually chosen for bathrooms with limited space where a vanity cabinet might not be a good fit, quite literally. They often get a lot of flak because they don’t have storage, but these sinks are stylish, simple, and can offer a lot more than you think. Plus, there are probably other places … Read more

Picking the Right Color Vanity to Go with Your Gray Walls

Gray is one of the most popular colors for bathrooms right now. In fact, it’s quite popular throughout the home, thanks to its availability of different shades and color families. For example, a visit to the local hardware store’s paint section will show you that you can choose from: Grays (White and Black Shades) Blue … Read more

10 Trending Top Seller Bathroom Vanities

The right bathroom vanity makes all the difference. Of course, what’s right for one space might not necessarily fit every bathroom. The vanity is usually one of the focal points of a bathroom, if not the central part of the entire design. The look is just as important as its function, and while there’s something … Read more

2023 Color Trends for Kitchen and Bath

When it comes to choosing colors, the kitchen and bath are usually among the most difficult rooms of the home to design. Some people like the look of white or neutral tones; others choose them because they’re not sure what else to do. If you’re part of the latter group, you’re in the right place. … Read more

10 Questions About Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets have been around for a long time. Although they’ve been replaced with different types of vanity cabinets and mirrors over the years, many people still use them, still love them, and have been waiting for this day. That’s because now, medicine cabinets are making a comeback. As more designs focus on function along … Read more

The Return of Gold Accents in the Home

There are some styles that make a comeback and make people wonder what we were all thinking. Then, there are some that get their second time in the spotlight for good reason, as with gold accents and accessories throughout the home. Especially in bathroom and kitchen design, the return of gold accents is upon us … Read more

10 Trending White Bathroom Vanities

Color is a big part of your decision when it comes to bathroom vanities and other fixtures. While many people have abandoned the traditional white finish in favor of wood tones, calming blues, and whitewashed designs, there is still a huge market for white vanities. Plus, they come in every size and style imaginable, which … Read more

Selecting Bathroom Fixtures: What to Know

When it comes to choosing the right bathroom fixtures, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Today, the market for bathroom fixtures and furnishings is huge. The Internet has expanded the selection available, which makes it easier for people to get something unique for their new space. However, the increased selection can often be … Read more

10 Questions About Floating Bathroom Vanities

Floating vanities are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms. They offer a unique look and open up the floor space, which many small bathrooms can benefit from. They also add to modern design, and there’s something for just about everyone with the selection available today. Are you curious about floating bathroom vanities but unsure if … Read more

How Mirrors Can Transform Your Bathroom

Mirrors are as much a statement piece as they are functional items. In the bathroom, you can use any number of mirrors to create the perfect combination of form and function, but only if you do it well. There are some do’s and don’ts to consider when it comes to mirror placement and selection, along … Read more

12 Trending Small bathroom Vanities

When you’re short on space, that’s also when you need to make the most of it. Fortunately, if that limited space is in your bathroom, you’ve got plenty of options. From the simple, slight pedestal sink to vanities as narrow as 18 inches wide, and even floating vanities that can open up a small space, … Read more

Bathroom Trends for 2023

2023 is the year of change for many. Those who haven’t already upgraded their bathrooms are looking for a way to make a big impact with a little change. Even though bathroom renovations are more expensive than most upgrades, they also offer a better return on their investment. And now that more people are spending … Read more