2023 Color Trends for Kitchen and Bath

When it comes to choosing colors, the kitchen and bath are usually among the most difficult rooms of the home to design. Some people like the look of white or neutral tones; others choose them because they’re not sure what else to do. If you’re part of the latter group, you’re in the right place. This guide will tell you everything that you need to know about the color trends for 2023 when it comes to kitchen and bath design.

Of course, what’s trending might not be aligned with what you like in terms of style and design, so be sure to take all this information with preference in mind, too. Just because something is trending doesn’t make it the right choice—it has to be right for you.

Let’s take a look at colors for each room since they’re a little different in terms of what’s in style. Then, we’ll go over some of the biggest design trends that are shaping the kitchen and bath world for 2023 and beyond.


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What Are The Hottest Bathroom Colors for 2023?

There are a lot of colors that are making the hot list for 2023, starting with blue bathroom vanities. This color is one of the best sellers right now in the bathroom vanity market, and for good reason. Blue shades have long been popular in the bathroom because they have a calming effect. Now, instead of just having it on the walls, people are incorporating it elsewhere.

36 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity In Navy Blue with Offset Right Side Sink

36 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity In Navy Blue with Offset Right Side Sink

Other popular bathroom colors and color schemes for 2023 include:

  • Olive and forest greens
  • Purple-grays
  • Neutrals and beiges shades
  • Contrasting colors (lights/darks, warm/cool)
  • Pale and powder pink
  • Black and white
  • Metal tones
  • Bold dark colors

Is gray going out of style?

If you just fell in love with a gray bathroom vanity or the perfect color of gray paint for your walls, don’t worry about being outdated! Gray is still very much in style, although warmer shades are being favored over the cooler grays of the past few years.

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48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Choice of Top

48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Choice of Top

What Are The Top Kitchen Colors for 2023?

Right now, people are looking for more warmth in the kitchen, which is why beige is outpacing gray, at least in this space. A warm beige can add depth and comfort without closing in a space like bold colors do. Natural tones of other shades are also popular, as are natural materials and their organic colors.

In the kitchen, the most popular colors and shades include:

  • Warm wood tones
  • Neutral colors
  • Dark greens
  • Black
  • White

Of course, there are still those that choose bright yellows or bold red accent walls, but more often than not, people are opting for warmth over boldness with the color schemes for their kitchens.

Another popular kitchen painting trend: painted cabinets. When done right, it can create a great accent or even a vintage look. This is just a glimpse of what’s going on with kitchen design, but it’s a big part of the finished product.



Right now, there are several trends in the world of kitchen and bath design that go well beyond just colors. Color is definitely a big trend, of course, but there’s a lot more to designing your perfectly fashion-forward space. Here’s a look at the biggest trends for kitchen and bath spaces right now.


Bigger, more involved bath projects

Bathroom renovations have gone from minor upgrades to serious overhauls. More people are reclaiming their home space by adding creature comforts, such as spa features in the bathroom (more on that below), premium fixtures, and upgraded materials that will provide years of durable use.

People are spending more, renovating more, and hiring more help than ever before. Of course, that last aspect is the most important: don’t DIY when it comes to a serious bathroom renovation. Experts exist for a reason. Use them.

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89 Inch Modern White Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Marble

89 Inch Modern White Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Marble

Bold colors

Color is in, and has been for some time. Especially in the bathroom, bold colors are making a statement. Deep greens, blues, and even black are topping the list of hottest paint colors for 2023, either used as a monochromatic finish for a modern look or contrasted with neutrals and lighter shades (black and white, blue and light gray, etc.).

And as mentioned in the kitchen section above, bold cabinet colors are a popular choice for those who choose to paint their cabinets as a way to change the look. It’s interesting that neutrals and warm colors are more muted right now, while the darker shades tend to be found in these bold, daring designs that are unlike anything we’ve seen.

103 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Makeup Table

103 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Makeup Table


Sustainability is another big must-have right now in kitchen and bath design. People are looking for materials and suppliers that are eco-friendly and sustainable in as many ways as possible. From materials like bamboo and cork to choosing manufacturers and brands that have a sustainable approach, to water-saving faucets and fixtures, there is a whole market for sustainability in the world of kitchen and bath design.

If sustainability is on your list for your bathroom or kitchen renovation, make sure that you choose a contractor that knows how to source the best materials and complete the renovation with the least environmental impact, too. That might even include recycling some materials to reduce waste.

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Spa-like features

As people spend more time at home, they’re turning their homes into the spaces they love. This is where the bathroom spa renovation trend comes in. People are choosing to upgrade to soaking tubs and jetted tubs, premium walk-in showers, and other spa upgrades that make their bathroom a place to truly relax and unwind. Some people are even putting in steam showers and other premium accessories to add to the elegance and enjoyment.

The spa upgrade comes at a cost, but can you really put a cost on being able to get a full spa-like experience right in the comfort of your own home? Plus, when you make the right upgrades, you’ll be adding equity to your home. And if you do ever sell, you’ll have a great selling point.


Photo by Green Bay Remodeling Inc.


As smart homes become more common, technology in the bathroom is coming to the forefront of design. Whether it’s a vanity cabinet with built-in electrical and USB outlets for easy charging or a smart bathroom mirror that lets you FaceTime, check the weather, and adjust the lighting by touch or voice, there are plenty of ways people are integrating tech in the bathroom.


In the kitchen, it’s no different. Brands are making smart refrigerators that can let you know what you need while you’re at the store. Almost every appliance is either available or soon-to-be-available in a smart version, and upgrades like smart lighting and cooking tech are at the top of the list for premium renovations.

Up to this point, many homeowners have been taking a DIY approach to tech integration in the kitchen and bath. However, this is definitely a place to rely on the experts, so plan for room in your budget if these items are on your list.

60 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Walnut with Electrical Component

60 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Walnut with Electrical Component

Final Thoughts

As you’re designing new kitchen and bath spaces, these are the trends to keep in mind. Whether you’re looking for design ideas for your own home or you’re a designer trying to get inspired for the next project, this list offers something for just about everyone. Remember that all trends aside, it’s about creating a space that you love and can use, and especially with the kitchen and bathrooms in your home, where function and space are always at a premium.

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