Antique Bathroom Vanities Make The Old New Again!

Another top style on today’s bathroom vanities market is the antique look. Antique bathroom vanities come in a variety of sizes too, and are available from single sink to double sink styles, which makes it a great option for both small and large bathrooms. Small antique bathroom vanities are an excellent option for a small powder room as well. A popular look for antique bathroom vanities is the white washed finish. Antiqued bathroom vanities are also available in natural wood tones and rich dark finishes too.

Most of the antique styles appear as pieces of furniture that, if didn’t include a sink, could be placed anywhere in the home! Homeowners and clients alike who are traditionally minded, have been leaning towards this style for some time to give their home a completely “furnished” look–that even extends to their bathroom. Additionally, since these vanities are designed as such, there’s no need to worry about the edges extending all the way to the walls. Furniture styled bathroom vanities can be freestanding pieces of furniture, with space on either side to allow for ease of cleaning or additional decor.

Another benefit of the antique style is their timeless elegance. Some modern styles that appear on the market appear as “fads.” Clients see them, love them, buy them… and then find themselves changing the design years later. Traditionally styled antique vanities have never lost their popularity. And with the rise of new designers in the niche, styles are more beautiful and unique than ever before! We thought including some of our team favorites here would help. And if it doesn’t, feel free to call 866-526-1843 for help!

24 Inch Small Single Sink Vanity with Granite

Perfect for a powder room or guest bath….

38 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Cream Marble

Vanity or dresser? You don’t have to decide–it’s both!

70 Inch Double Sink Vanity in Pearl White

White beauty! Simple traditional double…

72 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Two Tone Cherry and Choice of Tops

Two toned traditional classic.

62 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity in Colonial Cherry

Simple cherry double option.

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