What’s Your Style? Contemporary Bathroom Elements

Contemporary design style features sleek forms, flowing curves and geometric patterns. Contemporary design also often features innovative materials and honest materials. This means nothing gets covered up or altered, wood grains are highlighted and concrete remains gray.

Cabinets stay simple, unadorned, and rectilinear. Door styles are usually free of any decoration. However, don’t mistake simple for boring; the natural grain of the wood contrasting with chrome handles often adds dimension and beauty to contemporary vanities.
contemp vanity

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Once you have chosen your vanity, use contrast to add dimension. Find a backsplash, wall color, or flooring that will make the vanity pop.

Although it may not be practical, contemporary design avoids clutter at all costs. Storage is your best tool to achieve this. For things you use often and prefer to have handy, open shelving with careful arrangement goes a long way — rolling towels add that little edge of sophistication that helps elevate the space.

Lines are important in contemporary design: the longer, the better! The eye should naturally be drawn around the room and not stuck on one thing.

Light fixtures are like the punctuation of a good design. This example shows how big of an impact a chrome fixture can make.

Content provided by Julia Ritzenthaler

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