Color Series: Incorporating Red into Your Bathroom Design

Red may seem too bold or dominate for bathroom use, but the truth is red comes in many tones and styles! Get inspired by these great examples of the use of red in bathrooms before you run to the nearest home improvement store! Color psychologists believe red gets blood flowing and invokes thought. It tends to increase appetite as well. Red also tends to flatter any skin tone, so it’s great for bathrooms.

As with any color, red can be muted, vibrant, matte or glossy. You can combine any of these elements to add dimension. Wallpaper is a great tool for this, but painting with stencils or a graphic pattern will also work.

Red with a pink undertone is sophisticated, without as much drama.

One red piece in an otherwise neutral space is sure to look amazing. Getting this custom look isn’t as hard as it may seem, many vanities can be purchased without tops. Just find a showroom and order your countertop AFTER finding your cabinets.

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This combination of unique wall form and stunning red tile create an unforgettable bathroom. The white grout helps showcase each tile.

A muted, soft red paint accents this rustic powder room and adds just the right amount of color.

Content Provided By: Julia Ritzenthaler

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