Color Series: Incorporating Color into Your Kitchen Design

Any style of kitchen can benefit from a dose of color. Backsplashes, cabinets, and even appliances can become focal points with the tool of color.

The most important thing to focus on is contrast. Bright colors can be balanced out with larger amounts of neutral colors or lighter shades.

Red is thought to increase appetite, so it’s great for kitchens.

Oranges and yellows are warm colors that energize a room.

Cooler colors such as blue and green provide a calmer environment, perfect for an inviting, casual atmosphere.

Even uncommon colors such as purple can look great in a kitchen. This example was actually a cooking school, but you can see how the purple creates a sense of fun and inspiration – perfect for thinking up meal plans and recipes at home!

Cabinets aren’t the only colorful thing you can use to spruce up a kitchen. Colorful backsplashes, appliances or both can also contribute to the design.

For a big impact on a little budget, just swap out accessories with vibrant replacements!

Content provided by Julia Ritzenthaler

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