Bathroom Trends: Adding Stone to Your Bathroom Project

Bathrooms should be a place to rejuvenate, especially while soaking in the tub! Often, we associate the outdoors with vacation and relaxation. This can mean the beach, jungle or forest, but most of the time it includes one recurring element: stone. Using stone in a bathroom brings the outdoors in, and it’s versatile enough to integrate into any design style. Stones usually seen as countertops can be applied on floors, tub surrounds and more for a unique addition to any bathroom. Larger scale stones such as river rock and pebbles can be used on floors or accent walls. Stones can even function as the main fixtures of your bathroom. See the examples below to get some inspiration for using stone in your bathroom.

Countertops with a rough edge detail look natural and showcase the beauty of the stone.

River rock doubles as slip-resistant flooring! Upon installation, a clear sealant should be applied. This should make maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

Sinks and bathtubs can be fabricated from natural stones, guaranteeing a show stopping space.

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You can choose to have an accent wall covered in stone, or do the whole room.

If you have the budget, you can even use stone in all of these ways at once!

Content provided by Julia Ritzenthaler

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