The Rustic Bathroom – A Style Guide

Rustic style represents a simple life close to nature and brings to mind dark wood, cast iron, antique terra cotta pottery and walls decorated with taxidermy deer heads. In theU.S., rustic furniture is often referred to as Adirondack furniture, a term coined after the upstate New York wilderness preserve. Rustic furnishing is mainly carved and fretted and made to look like tree branches.

Every design element in a rustic décor should be inspired by nature. With rough textures and a rugged finish, a rustic bathroom should give you the feel of being in a cabin in the woods. Here are some key elements to consider when designing a rustic bathroom:

  1. Floor: Choose matte finish hardwood laminate flooring.  Pick the moisture resistant ones designed especially for the bathroom. If you are still nervous about moisture damage, go for wood finished ceramic tiles.
  2. Wall: You can add a board and batten feature with the same material you used for your floor.  Make it authentic with this North American Moose Head Bust wall head.
  3. Vanity: Install a wooden vanity that has simple designs with natural grains and rugged finish.
    Rustic-Bathroom-Vanities-262x300Complete the rustic look by installing a copper vessel sink on the top. rustic bathroom vanity
  4. Vanity Mirror: Choose a wooden mirror frame with a rugged finish that lets the natural grains of the wood show through. rustic mirror Another great option for a rustic look is a mirror with a metal frame and antique finish. rustic bathroom mirror
  5. Tubs: Stone, metal, or wooden bathtubs are perfect for a rustic décor. oak tub stone tubWooden bathtubs retain heat very well, and they can be custom-made. tubStone bathtubs are available in granite, marble, onyx, travertine, basalt, and sandstone. Stick to the standard white bathtub if you are going for simplicity.                                                           
  6. Accessories: You can have your pick when choosing accessories for your rustic bathroom. Keeping with the theme, go for bronze, cast iron, or wooden accessories. Bronze toilet paper holder rustictowel bar rustic 2faucets are perfect for a rustic bathroom. If you want to go all out, you can find rustic bronze tubs, shower faucets, and curtain rings. rusticIf you have a white toilet, add a rustic touch with an oil-rubbed bronze tank level that can be installed on any standard tank. rustic

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