Successful Bathroom Remodels-Important Things to Consider (First!)

Many people today are looking to add value to the home as well as create places that they enjoy and want to be in. Kitchens and baths are two areas of remodeling that many homeowners are undertaking and for good reason. Yet there are a number of steps that should be done as well as various subcontractors that will be required to make your project flow smoothly.

Many individual parts need to come together for a successful bathroom remodel. There is the need for plumbing, tile work, electrical, cabinetry and all of these components need to be done at specific times. The other thing to keep in mind in having a successful bathroom remodeling project, is the choice of materials and fixtures. Today the choices are almost limitless and naturally it’s best to have a basic style of bathroom that you are looking to create. The above bathroom is clean and modern with lots of tile.


Maybe your space is configured differently and you have a different style than the modern bathroom above. It really doesn’t matter but you will first need to decide what you like to start making material choices.

Now once that has been decided you will need to find a contractor. If you can, my advice is to find someone that can do all the work needed and has established relationships with the subcontractors that will be needed. This way he or she will be responsible for making sure that the work is completed as needed and the project runs smoothly. I will assume you know about finding a reputable contractor so I won’t cover that here.

If you have undertaken other projects, you may feel comfortable enough to hire and line up the subs for the various parts such as tiling, electrical and plumbing but for the average person this can be a bit overwhelming especially if you also have a full time job.

Here are some additional things to be taken into consideration:

  • Keep in mind the obvious, you won’t be able to use the bathroom that is torn apart! Do you have a second one or are you planning on being away during the remodeling project?
  • If you are away, can you be reached for questions that may arise?
  • Have you made all the needed arrangements so that the various trades’ people have access to your home or will that be the responsibility of the general contractor?
  • Is it been stipulated how the work will be done, what areas will be sealed off from dust and debris and what condition the project will be left looking like every evening?
  • Lastly, and this is very important, do you have a signed contract that states everything that will be used for materials, costs, needed permits and insurances?

A professional bathroom remodeling project takes careful planning but the end result will be something that will be treasured for many years to come!


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