What’s Your Style? Transitional Bathroom Elements

Transitional design is a combination of traditional and contemporary. Materials from both are used strategically so the room doesn’t become too much of one thing. Mixing the glass and shiny chrome of contemporary style with the ornate wooden carvings of traditional style can seem daunting, but the idea is to tone down each style while combining them. So you’ll have furniture that is less ornate than traditional and not quite as minimalist as contemporary.

The traditional design is known for straighter lines, while contemporary incorporates curves more often, so mixing the two is the perfect way to end up with a transitional!

Neutral color schemes create a clean, fresh tone of contemporary while darker woods will warm up the space and add the traditional style.

This bathtub has traditional molding details, but it’s white, so it becomes transitional. The contemporary light fixture juxtaposed with the built-ins helps solidify the transitional style.

Mix a transitional vanity with a contemporary glass tile backsplash or a traditional stone backsplash.
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Content provided by Julia Ritzenthaler

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