Bathroom Remodeling Guide: What is Appropriate Height for Mirrors, Sinks and More?

Perhaps you have difficulties daily leaning over the counter to apply your mascara, or your shampoo bottles don’t fit in your built-in shower shelving– you have a height issue. In this post we’ll go through some average heights of common areas in the bathroom.

One unexpected element in bathroom height discussion is toilets. Their heights don’t vary too much but there are choices when installing one. Check the box or store display for accessibility height if you plan to grow with your home. Generally options range from 10 to 20 inches. Anything from 10 to 14 will work best for children and above 20 will usually be a self-composting toilet used in special cases. The average is 15 inches but the best choice depends on the height of who will be using it. The best way to determine your ideal height is to measure toilets you feel comfortable on and find one that size.

Countertops and sinks are similar: find one you like and measure it for comparison. Maybe the sink at work is too low for your liking, measure it and note that. Do this for several sinks in different areas and soon you’ll know how high you’d like yours to be! There is no right or wrong with this decision, it’s about your comfort. Vanities are available in many different heights to accommodate everyone’s taste.

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Mirror height is easy once you’ve measured eye-level of everyone using the mirror. Pick a mirror that is big enough to include each level, so no one is crouching (or standing on tippy toes)– the average is 5 feet 6 inches. If you have a circular mirror, try to center it with the average eye-level.

Showerheads should be high enough for users to stand under, but low enough to ensure the water hits you, not the wall in front of you. Average is 6 feet 6 inches, but again the best way to determine is know your own height at adjust. The rule of thumb is about one foot above the head. Rain showers can usually just be mounted flush with the ceiling, but if you’re suspending them go about one foot from the ceiling.

Shower benches are good for more than sitting, such as propping up legs for shaving. Because of this, drop them a little lower than common chair height to around 16 inches.

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