Heavy Duty Floor Tiles

Heavy Duty Floor Tiles are not the dream for every decorator or homeowner, but when there is a need for a functional floor that can withstand heavy traffic, various kinds of work and play, and is easy to maintain, they may be your best choice. Fortunately, advances in the industry are producing some tiling options that are both esthetically pleasing and highly functional.

PVC interlocking tiles are a quick and economical solution for workshops, playrooms, gyms, art studios, and other places that put a high demand on the floor. The downside to PVC tiles is that some versions are not waterproof, so spills require the tiles to be pulled up to clean what has seeped beneath. Nevertheless, it is not a complicated or time consuming process.

Vinyl tiles open up a whole realm of possibilities regarding style and design. These high performing tiles can look like stone, slate, wood, and other high end flooring materials. Heavy duty floor tiles made from vinyl have a long life and are high performance.

Another great choice for heavily trafficked areas, such as around bathroom double vanities in commercial areas or other places that put a high demand on the floors is porcelain. These tiles are made from porcelain clay but fired at a very high temperature. The result is a very dense and durable tile. For especially demanding floors, choose the porcelain tiles that are not glazed but colored throughout. These types of porcelain tiles can withstand weather, heavy traffic, and exposure to moisture better than almost any other choice.

Ceramic tile is another tried and proven choice when durability is an issue. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and do not harbor allergens and bacteria. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a good way to get durability without sacrificing style and design. These heavy duty tiles can work for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, workshops, and virtually any place where a good, long lasting floor is needed. The design options are endless.

Some carpet tiles are also fairly withstanding, depending on what the room is used for. They are not the best option for a workshop, bathroom, or kitchen, but they do hold up well in heavily trafficked areas. They are quick and easy to install and can come in a wide array of colors and designs.

In this modern day and age, industrial flooring can enhance the design and décor of any space.

Sometimes heavy-duty is the only option!

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