How To Cut Metal Tiles Evenly By Hand

Are you thinking of installing funky metal tiles as a backsplash to your modern single bathroom vanity? Worried about cutting them straight? Read on! Thin metal tiles can generally be cut with a straight edge and a razor knife like a box or utility knife. One way to ensure it’s straight before you cut through is to score the metal and check your work. After that, you can bend it a few times, and it will snap off in a straight, clean line. If the metal you are cutting is a little thicker, you may find a tool called aviation nips quite handy. These are like big scissors but will cut much straighter and cleaner than your basic tools. If you’re dealing with a super thick piece of metal, your best bet would be to invest in a plasma cutter. A plasma cutter is a like a big torch with air pressure behind it. These aren’t cheap, but if you do a lot of this type of cutting—worth the expense.

Metal Edge

Post by: Randy Ritzenthaler

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